Christmas Halloween Costumes

by melissa

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Merry Halloween! How to dress up in Christmas Halloween costumes with your family! 


Merry Halloween! These Christmas Halloween costumes were so easy to put together and a unique family costume idea. 

family halloween costume idea- merry halloween-christmas costumes


Merry Halloween was our theme for 2018. We started browsing the thrift store for inspiration one day and came across this adorable reindeer costume that fit my toddler perfectly:

family halloween costume ideas- reindeer

Within 20 minutes later, we had all of our family Halloween costume items found. Of all our family Halloween costume ideas, our Christmas themed costumes were the simplest and quickest to find.

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I found my daughter’s Christmas Santa dress on clearance at H&M back in the spring and had forgotten I had it. Pulling the adorable Mrs. Claus/Elf dress out a little early was totally worth it!

family halloween costume ideas- santa elf costume


I wasn’t able to find any Santa costumes at the thrift store, but I did find this inexpensive Santa costume on Amazon for under $10. This Santa costume didn’t hold up more than a few wears, but for the price, it was totally fine.

I made the beard out of a piece of felt and cotton balls and attached it to a Santa hat we already had with safety pins.

anta Clause costume- family halloween costume ideas


I have to laugh at this costume for my husband because my he HATES dressing up. Poor guy for marrying a family Halloween costume-loving wife. Thankfully, he’s usually a good sport and will go along with it.

But this year, he was delighted to play The Grinch with just a green t-shirt we owned. His costume fit him perfectly.

family halloween costume idea- the grinch costume

And me…I was Cindy Lou Who who was way more than 2! I was 4 months pregnant but hadn’t spilled the beans yet, so my Santa PJs hid my belly quite nicely and was super comfy!  

To make this grinch costume hair, I just put plastic cups on my head and pulled my hair around them. 


Our Halloween was very, very Merry. Hope your is, too! 


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