Circus Halloween Costume Ideas

by melissa

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With 3 kids under 5, we are totally a CIRCUS, so we decided to dress up in circus costumes. This was one of my favorite family Halloween costumes ever.

Family Circus Costume-family-halloween-costume-ideas

Circus Ring Leader and Lion Costume

I found the lion costume at a thrift store for just a few dollars and in the same trip found my husband’s circus leader red jacket for a few dollars as well. It was actually a woman’s jacket, but no one never knew the difference.

When you shop at the thrift store for Halloween costumes, you have to be a little creative, but you can usually find what you’re looking for.

We had a hoola-hoop already and I ordered his black bow tie from Amazon. The circus leader black hat was brand new from Savers thrift store, but it was only $6.

Family Circus Costume- family-halloween-costume-ideas


My four year-old wasn’t into wearing a lot of costume ideas, so the clown costume was perfect for him. I grabbed a bright t-shirt at Walmart for a few dollars along with the funky socks. and a clown tie that was on clearance at the Halloween store. The giant glasses were from Dollar Tree.



Family Circus Costume-family-halloween-costume-ideas

Tight Rope Walker Costume

My sweet girl was pleased as punch to wear this thrifted red leotard and tights. So a tight-rope walker she was!

Here’s the rest of the details:

Popcorn Costume

Clown Costume 

  • Orange t-shirt
  • Yellow shorts
  • Funky socks
  • Giant clown tie
  • Clown glasses (get them at a dollar store for cheap)
  • Clown nose
  • optional: clown wig

Tightrope walker

  • Red leotard
  • White tights


Ring Leader

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