17+ Halloween Desserts That Are So Easy It’s Scary

by melissa
Halloween-desserts-pumpkin patch-cake

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17 spooktacular Halloween desserts for your next holiday party. These easy ideas for cakes, cookies, treats, and more will have everyone thrilled. 

Halloween-desserts-pumpkin patch-cake


So you need a Halloween dessert.

And you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen?

These popular and delicious Halloween desserts are perfect for any Halloween party. And it’s no trick by saying you can have them made in no time because the Halloween recipes 2020 are easy. 

Enjoy! I’d love to hear witch, I mean which Halloween recipes you plan to make!

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1| Mummy Cookies 

Mummy cookies that are yummy and so easy. Recipe here. 

Easy Mummy Cookies-2

2| Halloween Rice Krispies Treats

This classic Halloween dessert recipe is quick and everyone’s favorite. Recipe here. 

Halloween Rice Krispy Treats-2


3| Dirt Cup Dessert Halloween Recipes 

Not even worms can keep people away from this dirty dessert. Recipe here. 


4| Jello Spider Shots 

The perfect grab-n-go treat Halloween treats recipe. Just don’t get bit! Recipe here. 


5| Monster Munch Halloween Treats Recipe

Everyone’s favorite festive popcorn that’s easy, too! Perfect to munch on while watching one of the best Halloween movies.   Recipe here



6| Candy Corn Cups

Festive Jello cups with a surprise ingredient look exactly like the real deal. Recipe here. 



7| Ghost Pretzels Halloween Treats Recipes

Perfect for a dessert or Halloween party favor! Recipe here. 

halloween ghost pretzels - halloween-treats

8| Best Soft Sugar Cookies Halloween Dessert Recipes

For a fun Halloween baking ideas, cut the best soft sugar cookies into shapes for a Halloween dessert that doubles as an activity! Recipe here. 



9| Pick Your Poison Ice Cream Sundae Bar 

Set out spooky toppings for an easy Halloween dessert ice cream sundae bar. All the details here. 



10| Donuts On A String 

Halloween desserts you have to fight for.  Donut-on-a-string Halloween dessert game here. 



11| Caramel Apples Easy Halloween Dessert 

Who doesn’t love caramel apples. This is a must in the Fall! This dip stays soft for weeks…no reheating required. Additional caramel apple toppings optional. 🙂 Caramel Apple dip recipe here. 



12| Spider Doughnuts Halloween Dessert 

So simple, it’s scary! No recipe needed. Just add pretzels and candy eyes to your favorite chocolate doughnuts. 



13| Pumpkin Patch Cake Halloween Desserts

One of the cutest Halloween dessert ideas is this pumpkin patch cake? This Halloween dessert is the most requested one at our house! You can prep it in advance and pull it out whenever you’re ready to party!  Recipe here. 

For bonus points, eat this Halloween cake with these shovel spoons! 

Halloween-desserts-pumpkin patch-cake


14| Bat Ice Cream Sandwiches

Everyone will go batty for this Halloween dessert. So cute you’ll want to eat it right up! 



15| Poison Apples 

Because every witch loves poison apples. 



16| Homemade Root Beer Floats 

For an easy Halloween recipe, brew up your own root beer for homemade root beer floats. Root beer recipe here. 



17| Black & Orange Desserts 

If you don’t feel like making these Halloween party recipes, do this effortless Halloween party dessert, pull out a variety of black and orange treats. Place them on platters to trick everyone into thinking you spent more time than you did. 


halloween-party-tablescape-decoration ideas






What are your favorite Halloween desserts? Leave a comment below! 

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