Free Christ-Centered Easter Music Playlist On Spotify

by sofestivemel

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Beautiful Easter music playlist to help you get into the spirit of Easter. A great addition to your Christ-Centered Easter celebrations. 



Looking for some Christ-Centered Easter music? This beautiful Easter playlist features a variety of artists from piano to vocal.  

Nothing quite sets the tone for a holiday celebration like music does. And that’s why I always love creating holiday playlists. 

Easter is no exception. While you maybe wouldn’t think that Easter has “songs” like Christmas does, I have found many inspiring and beautiful songs that focus on Christ and Easter.

And yes, these Easter songs are child-approved. My children happily listen along to them with me!  


Each song on this Easter Spotify list was hand-picked. I chose only those songs that bring the spirit of Easter, Christ, grace, and hope. 

Here’s some of my favorite songs I included: 

  • Redeemer of Israel 
  • I Believe in Christ
  • He Is Risen 
  • My Little Prayer
  • Peace in Christ
  • Christ the Lord is Risen Today
  • Upon the Cross of Calvary
  • I Stand All Amazed 
  • The Miracle 
  • Did Jesus Really Live Again 


You’ll find this Easter playlist on Spotify. Do you have an account? It’s free! You can listen to Spotify on your desktop or phone with the app. 

Click here for the Easter Playlist on Spotify. 



I hope you love this Easter playlist as much as I do! Happy Easter! 


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