10 Unique Easter Activities You Can Do At Home

by Melissa

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A round-up of super fun and simple Easter activities you can do without leaving your house. 


Easter Activities You Can Do At Home 

Easter is coming! There’s no need to leave your house to create fun memories with your family. In fact, some of the best memories will happen inside the walls of your own home and backyard.

You’ll love all these simple Easter activity ideas…the will help you create an egg-stra special Easter with those you love. 

Ready, let’s go! 

1. Glow in the Dark Egg Hunt

Break away from the traditional Easter Egg hunt by doing a Glow-in-the-Dark Easter egg hunt instead! Your children won’t ever forget finding the eggs in the dark. 

Get Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs here 

2. Color-Coded Egg Hunt Easter Activity 


Avoid the tears that usually come from community Easter egg hunts by doing a color-coded hunt instead! 

This is the smartest way to do an egg hunt because everyone gets the same amount.

Get all the details of the Color-coded Egg Hunt here. 

3. Decorate Egg People

Sitting down and decorating eggs can be a fun and therapeutic outlet for everyone in the family! The best part is…there’s no right or wrong way to decorate eggs. 

Pull out some plastic eggs and use any art supplies you have at home to make egg people  (more details here)


4. Dye Easter Eggs 

Use this quick 3-ingredient homemade Easter Egg dye recipe to dye eggs together.  I bet you have all 3 ingredients sitting in your pantry right now! 

Decorating Easter-Eggs-Homemade Dye-6

5. Coloring Contest 

If you’re just not feeling up to any sort of mess, print off these cute Easter Egg printables and let your children color them. Hang them up for everyone to see! Keep them on the same sheet or cut them out to display. 




6. Have a Family Last Supper 

We love doing a family Last Supper to help our children remember what Christ is all about! We eat foods that Christ probably ate in His day and enjoy dinner on the floor! 

Using these 12 discussion cards, menu, and recipes, we talk about Christ and what He did for us. it’s a really sweet way to bring Christ back into Easter. 

Last Supper-Easter Passover Dinner--2

7. Easter Story Egg Hunt 

A really fun way to bring Christ into Easter is by having an Easter Story egg hunt. Each egg contains a small object that represents part of the Easter story.  Get all the details here. 

Symbols of Easter Story- 12 Eggs of Easter-6

8. Watch a Free Easter Movie Together! 

Cuddling up as a family with some yummy popcorn and watching an Easter movie is a great way to relax after a long day. 

Here’s a list of FREE Easter movies you can stream online:

9. Have an Easter Egg Lunch

Pull out those plastic eggs you’ve been keeping since last year and fill them with finger foods to create an egg-citing lunch for your little ones! 


10. Celebrate Holy Week 

Celebrate Holy Week to teach your children all about what happened each day during the last week of Christ’s life. 

Hang up a sign for each day that highlights the important events of that day. 

Holy Week Signs & Devotional Here 

Easter Week- Holy Week Printables-2


Celebrating Easter at home can be so fun using any of these unique Easter activity ideas. Just remember: your children just want you…so no matter what you do, they’ll remember how they felt. 

Have a great Easter! 

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