3 Fun Groundhog Day Activities

by melissa

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Celebrate Groundhog Day with these fun and simple activities for your family! 

When is Groundhog Day? 

This US holiday falls on February 2nd each year. Per tradition, a groundhog in Punxutawney, Pennsylvania will come out of the ground. If he sees it’s shadow, there will be 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, an early Spring is coming. 

1) Cast Your Vote! 

Get everyone excited for Groundhog Day by having everyone cast their vote as to whether or not the Groundhog will see his shadow. 

Just print off this free printable a day or two before February 2nd. Then wait to see who guessed right! 

Tip: Make it a big deal by having a special prize for the winners. 

Groundhog Day Activity

2) Groundhog Day Activity-  Breakfast 

One of our favorite Groundhog Day activities is to make a festive breakfast! These cute pancakes are easier than you think. 

All you need is: 

To make them, simply pour out large and small circles of batter onto a hot griddle to make the face, ears, and mouth. Use thin slices of bananas for the eyes and chocolate chips for the eyeballs and nose. 


3) Groundhog Day Activity- Watch Groundhog Day 

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? It’s pretty funny.  Rent or buy it here

*This movie is rated PG, however, there are a few parts that might make you uncomfortable. I recommend it for older kids or adults. 

Groundhog Day Activities

The Official Groundhog Website 

For more information about the legend and events in Punxatawney, visit the official website here

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Ready to celebrate? Download the free “Groundhog Day Voting Sheet” here.  And don’t forget to tag @sofestive on Instagram so we can feature your celebrations!  

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