June Holidays & Easy Ways to Celebrate Them

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The complete list of June holidays, including food and random holidays. Check out this list of all holidays in June, plus simple ways to celebrate them. 

June Holidays


There are lots of fun holidays in June. Sure, Father’s Day is the big one you are thinking about. But there are tons of other fun June holidays that give you a great reason to celebrate.

Check out this complete list of June holidays and choose some to celebrate with your friends and family. There are also links to simple ideas so you can have lots of fun without the stress! 

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Alright, here’s the holidays in June you can look forward to. 


3-National Egg Day

  • Eat eggs for breakfast or dinner!

5-National Donut Day  (1st Friday)


6-National Yo-yo Day

  • Play with yo-yos

8-National Best Friend’s Day

  • Send a card to your best friend or give them a call!

11-National German Chocolate Cake Day

11-National Corn on the Cob Day

12-National Jerky Day

13-National Sewing Machine Day

halloween- pillowcase- tradition

14-Flag Day

16-Father’s Day (3rd Sunday)


17-Eat All Your Veggies Day

  • No explanation needed!

18-World Juggling Day

  • Practice juggling

18-International Picnic Day

20-World Refugee Day

  • Do something for refugees in your area

21-Summer Solstice (longest day of the year)


22-National Kissing Day

  • See how many kisses you can give today!

23-National Eat at a Food Truck Day

  • Dinner’s easy tonight. Got eat a a food truck!

23-Runner’s Selfie Day

  • Go on a run and take a selfie!

24-Take Your Dog to Work Day

  • Show off your canine!

26-National Chocolate Pudding Day

27-National Sunglasses Day

  • Go to the beach and wear sunglasses

28- Paul Bunyan Day 

29-National Camera Day

  • Take some photos!

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