“The Greatest Teacher” Teacher Appreciation Gift Printables

by Melissa
The Greatest Teacher- Teacher Gift Printable-4

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Say thanks to teachers with this “The Greatest Teacher” gift idea, based on the popular movie, The Greatest Showman! 

The Greatest Teacher- Teacher Gift Printable-3

Need a simple Teacher Gift that’s not like all the others?

If you’re a fan of the popular movie The Greatest Showman, this teacher gift idea is a cute way to let all the teachers know how grateful you are for them!

Using lines from some of the songs, this cute printable lets teachers know there will “never be enough” we can do to say thanks for all their time and effort they put into teaching.

And that we are grateful for them helping our children “come alive” in learning.

The greatest part about this themed teacher gift is that it will only take you a few minutes to throw together! Grab some popcorn bags from your favorite dollar or grocery store, a gift card, goodies, or any other gift your teachers would love!

Supplies You Need:

The Greatest Teacher- Teacher Gift Printable-3

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