12 Days of Valentines For Your Spouse!

by Melissa
12 days of valentines- valentines-gifts-for-guys

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A clever and simple 12 days of Valentines for your spouse. 12 ideas to spark a little romance and thoughtfulness into your marriage!

12 Days of Valentines for Your Spouse

12 Days of Valentines for Your Spouse

It’s so easy to show love when  you are newly married or even dating your spouse, but as we’ve learned, the more time that goes on being married, the harder it is to still do the little things to keep the spark alive. At least that’s how it’s been for us, especially as more children come along.

I love doing 12 Days of Christmas (like this modern 12 Days for Guys), but why limit that for just Christmas? Sometimes Christmastime is so busy that with gift for children, grandparents, siblings, neighbors, etc, you might not have all the time or energy to do something meaningful for your spouse.

So take advantage of Valentine’s Day and surprise them with 12 Days of Valentines!

2 Ways to Do 12 Days of Valentines Ideas

There’s a few ways you can do the 12 Days of Valentines.

First, you could give your spouse 12 things they love. Here’s a few ideas:

  • their favorite pen
  • their favorite chocolate bar
  • their favorite movie
  • their favorite body wash

Or, you could go along with the traditional 12 Days idea and give them a number of something for what day it is.

For, example, on the first day of Valentine’s Day, you could give them ONE night off dishes.

The possibilities are endless!

12 Days of Valentines Gift Ideas

  1. 1 night off dishes– what a treat!
  2. 2 movie tickets or special event – do they have a movie they’ve been dying to see?
  3. 3 love songs- burn a CD with 3 of “your songs” and leave it in their car
  4. 4 handwritten love notes – leave these in secret places
  5. 5 wishes- anything goes!
  6. 6-pack of favorite drink
  7. 7 minutes of kissing
  8. 8 date coupons
  9. 9  heart candies
  10. 10-minute massage
  11. 11 Hershey’s hugs & kisses
  12. 12 reasons why you love them

These are just some ideas to get you started.

Tip: The key is to give things that your spouse will love! So keep them in mind as you plan your gifts for them!

Printable 12 Days of Valentines

12 days of valentines- valentines-gifts-for-guys

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Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day with your spouse!

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