The Easy Way to Display Your Christmas Cards

by Mel

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Learn how to display Christmas cards the easy way with just a few supplies. You’ll be ready to hang those holiday greeting cards as soon as they start coming to your mailbox. Also, some great Christmas card tips! 



It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas cards are starting to come in!! Going to the mailbox each day is like Christmas morning. I absolutely LOVE sending and getting Christmas cards.

So for the past 4 years, I have hung our Christmas cards using washi tape. It was really cute and festive, but I found myself retaping the Christmas cards to the door or walls over and over throughout December. This frustrated both me and my husband, because aren’t there too many other things to do in December than re-hang Christmas cards over and over?

So then I did something smart. Or so I thought. I would tape the cards with regular tape first and then add a piece of washi tape to the top to make it look really cute and festive.

But….sometimes I couldn’t find the tape or the washi tape and so my Christmas cards would pile up. And what’s the point of cards if you don’t display them?

So this Christmas, I knew I needed a better solution.


By buying just a few supplies, I was able to create a solution to hanging Christmas cards so fast and so easy. 

Plus, this method will work year after year…so get all the supplies once and you’re set for years to come! 

This method will work for cupboards, doors, and walls!

Tip: Display cards somewhere you’ll be able to see them often. We use our kitchen pantry door so that when we are in the kitchen, we feel like we have a room full of our favorite people. 


  • Your favorite ribbon- I use grossgrain 
  • Clothespins (you can get extra festive by using holiday colored ones)
  • Thumb tacks
  • Hammer
  • double-sided tape, optional
  • Christmas cards!


  1. Decide how many pieces of ribbon you want hanging from your door.
  2. Take the first piece and center it on your door.
  3. Take one thumbtack and while the door is open, push the thumb tack through the ribbon into the door. It helps if you have a hammer so that you can pound down the thumb tack flush with the top of the door.
  4. Let the ribbon hang down as far as you want it to come and then cut off to your desired length.
  5. Repeat with all pieces of ribbon on doors or cupboards.
  6. You can attach a piece of tape to the bottom of your ribbon to keep the ribbon in place if you want.
  7. Attach the clothespins to the ribbons.
  8. As soon as you receive a Christmas card, you will have a place to hang it right away!



Plan early.

Once upon a time, I had this vision of what I wanted to do for our Christmas card photo. I knew the street I wanted to get our photo taken and I knew that I wanted SNOW. Well, on the first snowy day in November, we took full advantage and took our holiday card photos. I already had our outfits picked out. All we needed was snow!  (And a little patience since we used our self-timer for these)

If you plan early, you’ll be able to get the look you want and get your cards made well before the rush of the Christmas season.


Share exciting news!

We shared some exciting news on our Christmas cards last year– that a new little one would be joining our family!  We thought sharing this news with family and friends would be a fun idea for our Christmas card photo. Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite things, but surprising our friends and family with an announcement takes it up a notch!


Keep Your Address List Updated

I keep a “Family and Friends Address” list on Excel. I’ll update this list throughout the year so that when it comes time for Christmas cards, I’m all ready! If someone moves, I’ll update their new address on the list. If we meet someone we want to add to our list, I’ll put them into the list immediately. Keeping this list updated ensures you are always ready to send a card!

Where To Print Cards

We’ve printed our Christmas cards through Vistaprint, Collage or designed and printed at our local copy shop on our own.

Budget For Holiday Cards

I love sending Christmas cards. Yes, it’s a bit of an expense and will take some work to get them printed, but I figure that spending around $1-$1.50 is a pretty cheap gift for all our friends and family we love.  In this day of social media, I think it’s fun to send REAL mail.  Set aside some money throughout the year to send cards to those you love.

Don’t Send Holiday Cards

Aside from all these tips, if you are having an extra stressful Christmas season or need to simplify, don’t send cards. Just because you don’t send them one year doesn’t mean you can’t send them the following year. Sending Christmas cards should bring you JOY. If they don’t, don’t do them!

Do you send Christmas cards? What are your tips?

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