6 Awesome Family Halloween Costumes For Under $30!!

by Melissa
Family Circus Costume-family-halloween-costume-ideas

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Need some family Halloween costume ideas? Whether you need a family of 5 Halloween costumes or something else, here’s 6 fun costumes you can dress up in on a budget…including our circus Halloween costumes that were featured on Country Living! 



Okay my friends, I’m getting a bit personal today. Usually I don’t like to talk about us since this blog is a place dedicated to you, but I wanted to share our family Halloween costumes from previous years.

Ever since my first baby was born, we’ve done a family costume and it’s just too much fun to give up. I know when my children are older, they will want to do their own thing. So I’m relishing in this as long as I can.


Not to brag, but I’m pretty good at finding cheap Halloween costumes. Our family has never spent over $30 for everyone’s costumes, so I know it can be done on a budget.

I LOVE doing family Halloween costumes, but I HATE spending lots of money on them. Especially when we are only going to get one or two nights use out of them trick-or-treating and wearing them for our annual extended family Halloween party.

So here’s our cheap Halloween costume ideas and how we’ve dressed our entire family for under $30!! I share all the tips at the end of the post!


If you’re looking for a three person costume, dress up like the 3 Amigos! These 3 Amigos Costumes were so fun to make. I spent only $20 for all of our family Halloween costumes and they only took a few hours to make, with no sewing! 

These are great family Halloween costumes with baby if you’re in the market. 

And seriously, it was all worth it for THE CUTEST AMIGO ever! Oh, how I wish I could go back and squeeze this little one again!

DIY 3 Amigos Costume for Halloween


If you don’t have time or an awesome thrift store around, you can find 3 Amigos costumes on Amazon Prime here.


Need simple family Halloween costumes? Where’s Waldo costumes is about as simple as it gets! 

The next Halloween, we had a 3-week old baby girl! We didn’t find out our baby’s gender until they were born, so I needed something generic that would work for a boy or girl. When I was browsing a thrift store, I found a red and white striped onesie and that’s what became the inspiration for our Where’s Waldo costumes!






For our costumes this year, we were the double decade dates. I couldn’t resist since we had exactly 2 boys and 2 girls in our family.

50s Girl + Guy Costume Breakdown

  • poodle skirt
  • cardigan
  • hair tie
  • bobby socks
  • lace-up shoes
  • school jacket
  • jeans
  • white shirt

Flapper Girl & Guy from the 20s Costume Breakdown

  • flapper dress
  • hair band (made using a ribbon and feather)
  • church pants
  • suspsenders
  • white button down shirt


For our family of five Halloween costumes, we dressed up as Peter Pan! But it could also work as a family of six Halloween costumes because there are more characters from Peter Pan you could choose from. 

More great family Halloween costumes with baby if you ask me. 

peter pan family costumes for cheap

Another October baby (this time just a few days before Halloween) made deciding on a family Halloween costume idea tricky again since I didn’t know if I’d be pregnant or not.

Enter the Wendy nightgown! Haha. Wearing that “beautiful” nightgown was the comfiest Halloween outfit I’ve ever worn. It worked perfectly for our Peter Pan family costume ensemble. And our baby got to wear a sleeper. Easy peasy!

Here’s the costume breakdown:

Peter Pan Costume



  • Green sparkly dress (here )
  • Wings (can be found at The Dollar Tree)


Captain Hook

  • Black pants
  • black socks/shoes
  • white shirt
  • Hook 
  • Captain hook wig
  • Captain hook cape


  • sleeper


You’re going to love these Circus Costume Ideas! With 3 kids under 5, we are totally a CIRCUS, so we decided to dress up in circus costumes. This was one of my favorite family Halloween costumes ever. 

Country Living loved these family circus costumes, too. They featured it in 2019! That was quite a surprise. 

Family Circus Costume-family-halloween-costume-ideas

Our circus costumes consisted of a ring leader, lion, tight rope walker, clown and popcorn. This was a fun family of 5 Halloween costumes, but it could also work for any other number of people. 

If you want to do a circus family costume, please check out this post about Circus Costumes here. I share all the info on where we got everything for really cheap! 


Family Circus Costume- family-halloween-costume-ideas

Family Circus Costume-family-halloween-costume-ideas



Merry Halloween! These Christmas Halloween costumes were so easy and a unique family costume idea. 

family halloween costume idea- merry halloween-christmas costumes

Reindeer Costume

Merry Halloween was our theme for 2018. We started browsing the thrift store for inspiration one day and came across this adorable reindeer costume that fit my toddler perfectly:

family halloween costume ideas- reindeer

Within 20 minutes later, we had all of our family Halloween costume items found. Of all our family Halloween costume ideas, our Christmas themed costumes were the simplest and quickest to find.

Elf Costume

I found my daughter’s Christmas Santa dress on clearance at H&M back in the spring and had forgotten I had it. Pulling the adorable Mrs. Claus/Elf dress out a little early was totally worth it!

family halloween costume ideas- santa elf costume

Child Santa Costume

I wasn’t able to find any Santa costumes at the thrift store, but I did find this inexpensive Santa costume on Amazon for under $10. This Santa costume didn’t hold up more than a few wears, but for the price, it was totally fine.

I made the beard out of a piece of felt and cotton balls and attached it to a Santa hat we already had with safety pins.

anta Clause costume- family halloween costume ideas

The Grinch Costume

I have to laugh at this costume for my husband because my he HATES dressing up. Poor guy for marrying a family Halloween costume-loving wife. Thankfully, he’s usually a good sport and will go along with it.

But this year, he was delighted to play The Grinch with just a green t-shirt we owned. His costume fit him perfectly.

family halloween costume idea- the grinch costume

Our Halloween was very, very Merry. (Especially since I was pregnant and my Santa PJs hid my belly quite nicely sit we hadn’t told anyone our exciting news.)

Tips for Cheap Family Costumes

So to recap, if you want to wear family Halloween costumes, but want to do it cheaply, here’s my tips:

  1. Start at a thrift store. Browse a few aisles and see what you can find. It’s easier to get inspiration from what you can find than go to the store with a specific costume in mind and then not be able to find it.
  2. Look for basic costume pieces that can be repurposed as opposed to a completely done costume. Sometimes this won’t work, but most of our costumes aren’t really costumes, but pieces we have put together to create a costume.
  3. Search the entire store. You’ll find family Halloween costume ideas in lots of departments. Don’t be afraid to shop in both the men and women’s and children’s departments.
  4. For small accessories, use the dollar store. They are much cheaper than a costume store and sometimes even the thrift store.
  5. When in doubt, look on Amazon. Thanks to Prime, you can find pretty cheap costumes or accessories if you cannot find them at the thrift store.
  6. Start early. We usually start looking towards the end of September/early October so that there is plenty of time to find everyone what they need. With that said, we usually only go to one or two thrift stores and can find the rest at the dollar store, Walmart or Amazon.

I hope this has been helpful as you search for your family Halloween costumes! Dressing up is so fun and you can pull it off cheaply with just minimal effort.

Don’t forget the photo! You’ll love looking back at all of your Halloween costumes and see how your family has changed!

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