3 Free Halloween Music Spotify Playlists

by Mel

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Want some fun Halloween music to listen to while you’re carving pumpkins or having a family Halloween party? These family-friendly Halloween playlists on Spotify make it easy for you to listen to sounds for the season! 


Family-Friendly Halloween Music Playlists

Every season needs a good music mix to get you in a festive mood. We’ve been playing songs from a Halloween Music Mix I created. Simply playing this music while cleaning up the house, doing dishes or laundry makes even the most of mundane tasks festive.

Perfect for Halloween Parties

Are you throwing a Halloween party and need some festive background music to play while you’re playing the donut game or while you bob for apples?

Or how about while you’re snacking from your Tricks and Treats dessert buffet Or just when you’re carving pumpkins for Halloween with your family or friends?

Just turn on this Halloween mix and let the good times roll.

free-halloween- music- playlist

Halloween Party Playlist

Family-Friendly Halloween Songs

I’ve included some popular Halloween songs in these playlist including these songs and more!

  1. Thriller
  2. Ghostbusters Theme Song
  3. The Addams Family Theme Song
  4. Monster Mash
  5. Batman Theme Song
  6. Come Little Children (Hocus Pocus)
  7. I Want Candy
  8. Ding Dong The Witch is Dead
  9. I Put a Spell on You
  10. This is Halloween
  11. Harry Potter Prologue
  12. Phantom of the Opera

If you have a Spotify account…

I’ve curated some of the best family-friendly (meaning not too spooky) Halloween songs you can play at your next Halloween party.

Family-Friendly Halloween Songs for Parties, Decorating, Carving Pumpkins and More

This Halloween playlist contains nearly an hour of fun, family-friendly Halloween music. 

You can listen to this Halloween playlist below or click here for the Spotify Halloween Playlist link.

Halloween Songs You Can Sing With Your Little Ghosts

Halloween Spooky Sounds


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