Dollar Store Father’s Day Gift (Perfect For Grandpa!)

by Melissa

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Need a quick, last minute Father’s Day gift idea? How about creating a “Stache” of all of Dad’s favorite treats?



Daddy’s Stache Gifts

As we are still adjusting to a newborn around here, crafting has gone a bit to the wayside. I love to create and make things, but these days I’m lucky if I get anything extra done in a day. Not that I’m complaining. Babies are the best!  But gosh, the crafting bug has hit and with Father’s Day coming, I was feeling the urge to create something for our Dad and Grandpas.

I’m a huge fan of giving something practical like these “You Knock Our Socks Off” sock gifts that we gave a few years ago.

As I was browsing the current Love to Craft II Bundle from FontBundles, I noticed these really cute Mustache themed SVG designs for my Silhouette. And that’s when the idea came! Let’s create a “stash” of favorite treats for the dads in our lives!

Using my Silhouette cutter, some vinyl and picking up our Dad’s favorite treats and buckets from the dollar store, I put these gifts together in literally 20 minutes- all while my newborn was sleeping.  Now that’s my kind of craft.

 You can grab these fun Father’s Day designs, along with hundreds of other SVG files and 12 fonts just for a few more weeks, before this Love to Craft II Bundle expires. 

What You Need:

  • small boxes (I got these from Dollar Tree)
  • Dad and Grandpa’s favorite treats and snacks
  • Love to Craft II Bundle with SVG files
  • Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter
  • Vinyl and transfer tape  aff. link


Well, enough talking! What are you going to include in your stache?

And stay tuned for some more fun and easy projects I’ve got in the works with other fonts and SVG files from FontBundles.

Thanks to FontBundles for sponsoring this post!  


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