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5 Simple Tips to Create a Christ-Centered Easter


5 ways to Have a Christ-Centered Easter! 


A Christ-Centered Easter

It’s easy to get caught up in all the fun festivities that Easter and Spring bring that we forget what Easter is all about.

At least that’s how it was for our family until I became more deliberate about our Easter celebrations.

Here’s 5 ways we have tried to keep Easter Christ-centered. We aren’t perfect, but I have found that when we make Him the focus,

our Easter is more meaningful, while still allowing room for plenty of fun.

1. Plan your Christ-Centered Activities First

I’ve learned that anything we really want needs to be placed first in our life. And it’s no different when it comes to Easter.

If we want a Christ- centered Easter, we have to prioritze the activities and traditions that will make Him part of our celebrations celebrations.

I talk more about our specifics here. But unless you make a plan to have Christ in your Easter, it will be easy to get carried away with the other worldly stuff.

2. Celebrate Holy Week

One way we’ve kept Christ as the focus is by celebrating Easter Week. When I was growing up, (at least from what I remember) was that we didn’t talk much about Christ until Easter Sunday.

Now with my own family , we  spend a few minutes each day talking about the events of Christ’s life

leading up to Easter Sunday.

There’s more about the specifics of Easter week (including printable signs in THIS GUIDE), but it’s been a great way for us to keep Him at the center of our celebrations.

3. Have the Easter Bunny Visit on Saturday

My best friend shared this idea with us years ago, so I don’t take any credit for having the Easter bunny visit on Saturday.

We have loved this! We put our baskets out Friday night and find them Saturday morning.  What we love is since there were no

major events of Christ’s life on Saturday, we aren’t taking away from the spiritual side by finding baskets and having some fun.

4. Include something spiritual in Easter Baskets

While we are on the topic of Easter baskets, another way to reinforce Christ is by placing something Christ-centered in the baskets. You could do a small picture of Him, a book about the Resurrection, or anything else that reminds children of Christ.

5. Include Christ-Centered Easter decor in your home as you decorate

Lastly, using Christ-centered decorations in your home can remind your family that Christ is the main reason for celebrating Easter.

This can be done in a classy way. Do you have a felt letterboard? Or chalkboard?

Place a quote like , He is Risen or Christ Has Won the Victory on it. You could also place a nice photo of Christ on your mantle.

Want to learn more?

You’re in luck! This bright and colorful ebook will give you tons of ideas to create a meaningful and memorable Easter together

with the ones you love. From Christ-centered traditions to fun family activity activities, there’s a new idea for you!

What’s Inside:

  • Ebook available immediately after purchase
  • 22 pages, ready for screen or print
  • Contents:
    • 5 Simple Ways to Keep Christ in Easter
    • How to Celebrate Easter Week- A Walk Through Jesus Christ’s Last Week
    • 12 Eggs of Easter- The Easter Story Egg Hunt
    • How to Have a Family-Friendly Last Supper with Printable Program
    • Resurrection Rolls- A Delicious Way to Teach the Resurrection
    • A Unique + Colorful Easter Egg Hunt
    • 6 Simply Creative Ways to Use Plastic Easter Eggs
    • You’ve Been Egged- A Family Service Activity + Printable
    • Printable Easter Organizer
    • Easter Week Signs Downloads
  • Beautiful, full-color, original images

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