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Printables Valentine's Day

You “A-Maze” Me Printable Valentines


A-maze your friends this year with these cute printable Valentines. Perfect for boys and girls, all you need are some little toy mazes and printable cards.


Maze Valentines for the Win!

Are you looking for some simple Valentines for your kiddos this year? Let’s just put it out there– there is no shame in just picking up a box of pre-made Valentines and your favorite candy to go along with it.

I actually LOVE making Valentines and letting my children help pick out what they want to give their little friends each year. We’ve given Car Valentines (Valentine, You are Wheelie Great!), You are Straw-some! (Crazy Straw Valentines)  and even simple Eye Love You Valentines.

But this year, now that my oldest is in kindergarten, we needed something a little more budget-friendly since he’ll be giving them to his entire class. And, I totally let him pick out what he wanted to give.

He choose these toy mazes from Target, but I wish I had seen these cute heart mazes  first (to save even more $$ and love that they are hearts!)


Printable Valentines

I know that the Valentines cards are just going to end up in the trash, so I didn’t bother making them too fancy. But they are just the right size to attach a little toy maze to.

And the mazes? They have been a big hit in our house for the past few weeks. Sometimes little trinkets are just trash, but my children have been playing with them non-stop.


What You Need for these Maze Printable Valentines:

Simply print out the cards (6 per sheet) on any color card stock paper and attach the mazes! Have your child sign their name– that is the cutest part, right?

How A-Maze-ingly simple are these? Hah! I just couldn’t resist! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Save this for later!

You A-maze Me -Printable-Valentines

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