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Monthly Holidays

February Holidays and Easy Ways to Celebrate Them


A complete list of February Holidays and simple recipes, traditions, and activities to celebrate them.

February Holidays

February Holidays

February is full of fun holidays and we aren’t just talking Valentine’s Day! If you’d like to add some extra festiveness to your life, pick a few of these fun holidays to celebrate this month!

You can click the link below the holiday for simple ways to celebrate that February holiday, including recipes, traditions, games, and more!

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1- 14 Days of Love Starts

2- Groundhog Day

3-National Carrot Cake Day

4-National Homemade Soup Day

4-National Thank a Mail Carrier Day

  • Leave a simple thank-you note or small gift for your mail carrier today

5- World Nutella Day

6- National Frozen Yogurt Day

  • Go out for Frozen Yogurt

7-National Fettucine Alfredo Day

8-National Kite Flying Day

9-Winter Olympics Begin! 

9- National Pizza and Bagel Day

  • Eat pizza for dinner

10- National Umbrella day

  • Do you have a good umbrella? If not, buy one!
  • Play in the rain!

11- National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

  • Have cookies and milk. And don’t cry if the milk gets spilled.

13- National Tortellini Day



13- Mardi Gras 

14-Valentine’s Day


17-National Random Acts of Kindness Day

  • See how many random acts of kindness you can do today!

19-President’s Day (3rd Monday)

  • Learn about some of the past USA presidents

21-National Sticky Bun Day

  • Make yummy and SUPER easy Sticky Buns – hint: prepare them the night before and have an easy breakfast!

23-National Banana Bread Day

  • Make your favorite banana bread recipe

24-National Tortilla Chip Day

  • Make nachos or taco salad for dinner

25-National Clam Chowder Day

  • Make clam chowder for dinner

27- National Polar Bear Day

  • Do a Polar Bear Plunge – i.e.- go swimming!

28-National Tooth Fairy Day

29-Leap Year (every 4 years, next year: 2020)

Which Holidays Will You Celebrate?

February- Holidays- List


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