Valentine’s Day Service Challenge – 14 Days of Love (& Printables)

by Melissa

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14 Days of Love is a fun and simple Valentine’s Tradition you can do with your whole family. With a free guide and printables, you’ll be able to spread the love this February.

14 Days of Love- A Family Tradition

A few years ago when Valentine’s Day was approaching, our family decided to do one small act of love each day from February 1st to Valentine’s Day. While we love doing acts of service at Christmastime, we decided that people can use love not just in December.

Since Valentine’s Day has always been a family holiday (read how we celebrate it here), we thought this would be a simple way to spread some love to others.

After all, isn’t Valentine’s Day all about LOVE? 

Throughout this 14 Days of Love Challenge, you’ll focus on love for:

  • your children
  • your spouse
  • yourself
  • God
  • and others


Our Experience in Australia with the 14 Days of Love

I have to tell you about our experience we had with this challenge. We lived in Australia for a few months over Valentine’s Day last year. We planned to do our 14 acts of love even there, which was actually quite fun because we were out of our element.

On one of the days, we decided to make some homemade Valentines for our Australian neighbor, who was an older woman. We were living out of a few suitcases, so the only art supplies we had was some scratch paper and crayons. Read: our valentines were nothing fancy!

14 Days of Love-Service Ideas


My proud little artists and I walked over to our her house and delivered them.

But guess what? 

We didn’t quite get the reaction we wanted.  Our neighbor named Dawn actually acted very shocked as to why these children were bringing her valentines. She wasn’t very warm and we actually felt pretty dumb after wards. Sometimes love isn’t received well, right?


The next day as we were loading into the car to go to the beach, she came out of her back door with a homemade New Zealand style cake. She had made it just for us! She explained how grateful she was for our visit and the valentines and wanted to return the favor.

I can’t tell you how happy this made us. Sure the cake was good, but we felt so much LOVE from her and for her. Dawn became one of our good friends while living in Australia and it all started from a simple act of love.

And that’s what this challenge is all about. 

I can’t promise all of your acts of love to receive such a warm return, but doing this will help you spread love…. and as Dionne Warwick says, “What the world needs now, is love sweet love.”

So… spread some love! You’ll never know what impact it will have.


How to Do the 14 Days of Love Challenge

  1. Gather as a family to decide on one simple act of love to do each day. You can grab the printable cards with tons of ideas at the end of the post or fill out the blank cards with your own ideas.
  2. Display your 14 cards in a place that you’ll see it every day. Post them on the fridge, a bulletin board, mantle, or anywhere else you’ll be reminded them.
  3. Challenge each family member to participate in that act of love. In the evening, you can discuss your experiences with this challenge as a family!
  4. Doing all 14 Days of Love is a great goal to shoot for, but even if you can’t do all 14 days, do 7 or 12 or 5. No act of love is wasted!


14 Days of Love- Valentine's Day Challenge-5

Ready to Start the 14 Days of Love?

I’ve made it super easy for you and your family to participate in the 14 Days of Love challenge. For the free guide and printables (including over 24 different ideas plus blank tags to fill in your own ideas) click below….

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14 Days of Love- Valentines Day Service Challenge

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