70+ Gift Of Experience Ideas For Everyone On Your List

by Melissa

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Giving a gift of experience is a perfect gift idea for anyone on your list. Here’s over 70 experience gift ideas that will save you stress and time. 



Giving a gift of experience is our family’s favorite gifts to give.

After years of giving each other gifts that ended up broken, lost, or forgotten, we decided to focus on experience gifts. And it has been wonderful! 

Not only does it save us time and stress rushing from store to store, but the gifts are more memorable and meaningful. 

Instead of giving a gift that will clutter up the house, why not give the gift of experience?   A gift of experience can create better memories than the latest and greatest toy or gadget on the market. 

Just try it. I bet you’ll come to love it, too! 


These fun gifts of experience are win-win: simple to shop for or put together and will give your gift recipient a memory to create! Wrap up a memory this year!

1. Concert tickets

2. Play tickets

3. Ice cream gift card

4. Summer camp coupon

5. Ice Skating outing

6. Ski tickets

7. Ski gear

8. Movie tickets

9. Musical tickets

10. Zoo membership

11. Aquarium membership

12. Children’s museum membership

13. Money for college

14. Art supplies

15. Suitcases/travel bags

16. Travel gear

17. Music

18. Photo book

19. Photo calendar

20. Indoor Trampoline

21. Jungle gym

22. Slide

23. Playset

24. Sidewalk chalk

25. Bubbles

26. Bowling outing coupon

27. Horseback riding lessons

28. Restaurant gift card

29. Hot air balloon ride

30. Dress up clothes for little girls 

31. Dress up clothes for little boys 

32. Hotel stay

33. Musical instrument

34. Date with mom

35. Date with dad

36. Date with grandparents

37. Board game

38. Puzzle

39. Card Game

40. Tent

41. Umbrella/rain boots

42. Sporting equipment

43. Basketball, soccer ball, baseball, etc.

44. Journal

45. Bubble bath

46. Online movie gift card

47. Redbox code

48. Bicycle or scooter

49. Water park outing

50. Beach towel

51. Model kit to build

52. Plane tickets

53. Kite

54. Boomerang

55. Picnic basket

56. Snuggly blanket + movie

57. Camping gear

58. Snowshoes

59. Microscope

60. Bistro lights for patio

61. Book

62. Homemade cookies each month

63. Fun recipe book

64. Planned date night each month

65. Outing to a fun center

66. Camera

67. Bookstore gift card

68. Cooking appliance such as Kitchenaid or Bosch

69. Massage

70. Pedicure/Manicure

What experience gift would you love to give and get?  Leave a comment! 



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