Forget the Ugly Sweater Party- Throw a Tacky Christmas Sock Party!

by Melissa
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Sockin’ Around the Christmas Tree…. a party with a purpose! Gather your friends or family for an original Christmas party idea they’ve never seen before, including a simple way to serve those in need! 

You’ve heard about Ugly Sweater parties–how about an ugly Christmas sock party instead? Read on for all the party details including: decorations, simple food ideas, game ideas, printables, and a service project!


Forget the Ugly Sweaters…

Ugly sweater parties are all the rage these days. And while I like an ugly sweater party just as much as the next gal, sometimes finding an ugly sweater can be a bit overwhelming. Or, if you have children, maybe having the pressure to find ugly sweaters for your entire family is not in the budget.

Welcome to the Ugly Sock Party!

I’ve had this original party idea in my head for years now and last year I pulled it off with a fun group of friends.

Today, I’m sharing the details and how you can throw your own “Sockin’ Around the Christmas Tree’ party!

Why An Ugly Sock Party will Knock Your Socks Off

  • Holiday socks are cheap. You can even find holiday socks at the dollar store! Outfitting yourself (or your family) for an ugly sock party is budget-friendly.
  • Holiday socks are everywhere! You won’t need to go from store to store to find the best sweater. Christmas socks are everywhere! You will be able to pick up a pair while you are doing your normal shopping. And if you run out of time and forget until the last minute to grab a pair, there’s a good chance you could find a pair at your local grocery store or pharmacy.
  • Holiday socks can be just as ugly. There are some pretty funny/wierd/ugly Christmas socks out there. The uglier the better.
  • Wearing holiday socks are easy. While ugly sweater are not for everyone (some people just can’t get into that sort of thing!), an ugly sock party will appeal to a much bigger  audience! Your guests can wear their socks to work all day, be ready for the party, and not even feel a bit embarrassed. In short, you will probably have more guests participate because socks are just less of a statement.

Easily embellish a pair of dollar store socks by adding a jingle bell or pom-poms or other craft items to make your socks extra tacky. Adding a few extra touches take these Christmas socks to the next level! And so simply!

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Christmas Sock Party Invitations

Get everyone excited for the party by sending out Sock Party Invites! A simple text or email will do, but if you really want to get your guests excited, give them a REAL invitation.  Just print and fill out the details! You can get the printable invitations in our party pack here! 

Easy Decoration Ideas

Great news! The decorations for this Christmas Sock Party are so simple!

Here’s some ideas:

  • Clothesline or jute
  • clothespins
  • socks (check your dollar store or the Target dollar spot)
  • mini Christmas trees
  • paper bags for candy
  • letter board, chalkboard, or sign for “Sockin’ Around the Christmas tree”

Christmas Party Idea- Sockin' Around the Christmas Tree-14

Christmas Party Idea- Sockin' Around the Christmas Tree-12

I found these cute trees from Target at the Dollar Spot around Christmas. They are just the perfect touch!

Christmas Party Food Ideas

Santa Hat Cookies


Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball


The Famous Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Everyone LOVES these cookie bars. Make them festive by using red and green M&Ms in place of the chocolate chips.


Mini Cupcakes

There is no shame in buying some cute, pre-made and decorated cupcakes from the bakery.


Tip: buy them from a bakery and put on a festive tray and voila. No one will ever know the difference.

Gingerbread Men Treats


Christmas Candy

Fill glass jars with Christmas-colored candies like M&Ms, Rolos, mints.  Don’t forget some cute candy bags!

Christmas-party-game-idea- A Sockin' Around the Christmas Tree

The Best Homemade English Toffee

Or put out some homemade English Toffee. It’s easy to make, too!


Tip: You could also ask your guests to bring a favorite Christmas snack to keep it simpler for you!


Party Game Ideas

There are so many fun Christmas party game ideas you could incorporate into your sock party! Here are just a few you’ll love!

  • Have everyone bring a pair of socks. Decorate them at the party and draw names to see who wears the socks for the night.
  • Christmas Movie Trivia– see how well your guests know the Classic Christmas movies
  • White Elephant Gift Auction– this is one of our all-time favorite Christmas party games! This game is perfect for any age! This gift auction is a fun way to exchange white elephant gifts. Or you can provide all the gifts yourself. Get all the details of How to Do a Gift Auction right here.
  • Guessing Jar – This super simple party game is a family favorite and I think you’ll love it, too! Get a cute jar and fill it with some holiday candy. Small pieces are preferable, so that the pieces are harder to count. Have everyone make a guess of how many pieces of candy are in the jar. The closest person wins!


And don’t forget the Christmas Sock Awards!

Since your guests are going to go all out to wear Christmas socks, you’ve got to give out awards, right? Make sure you give out Christmas Sock awards! You can decide on any categories you’d like- from ugliest, cheesiest, comfiest, best-all around, etc.

You can use these Sock Party Voting cards in our party pack here! that party-goers can cast their vote in 4 categories: Most Tacky, Most Comfy, Most Festive, Best All-Around and a blank spot for your own choice.

Christmas Sock Party Printables- Ugly Sweater Party Alternative

Attach these awards to any prize of your choosing!

Print off these cute awards and attach them to a small gift or treat as the award for the winners in each category.

Any favorite treat or small prize will do, but you could always use a “Fruit by the FOOT” to tie into the sock theme.


Sock Service Project-

I always love to incorporate service into our holiday celebrations, so why not add a way for party guests to easily serve those in need?

A Sockin’ Around the Christmas Tree party is the perfect time to do a SOCK DRIVE! 

I contacted a homeless shelter in Salt Lake City (The Road Home) and they are always in need of socks. So at our party this year, we will be collecting socks and packaging them up in small cellophane gift bags with a few pieces of candy.

I’m excited to collect socks and give them to those out in the cold. Because while I’m all about having fun at the holidays, I want my children to realize that the world is much bigger than their little sphere.

Contact your local homeless shelter to see what needs they have, but I’m betting that socks are always a good idea.

Would you like to throw your own Ugly Christmas Sock Party?

I’ve created an Ugly Christmas Sock Party Pack that includes all the printables you need to host your own party! It includes:

  • Printable Sock Party Invitations
  • Printable Voting Cards
  • Printable Awards
  • Printable “Christmas Cash” for your fun Christmas gift auction.


Don’t forget to show off your socks!

I’d absolutely love to see your Ugly Sock parties! Tag @sofestive on social media for a chance to be featured!

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