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Halloween Halloween Traditions

Printable Halloween House Awards- Fun Family Halloween Activity


Looking for a fun family Halloween activity? Cast your vote on your favorite decorated houses for Halloween and deliver these fun printable Halloween House awards to the winners!

Free Printable Halloween House Awards- Fun Family Halloween Activity- Halloween Service Idea

Halloween House Awards


Chances are there are lots of decorated houses in your neighborhood for Halloween. Right? If you’re like me, you love seeing pops of orange pumpkins and festive decor adorn porches and yards.



That’s where the Halloween House Awards come in!

How to Use these Halloween Awards

  1. Print out the Halloween House Awards.
  2. Gather your friends and/or family and decide in your area deserves each award.
  3. Fill in the blanks in the award for the year and who the award belongs to.
  4. You can give the award as is, or give a small bag of treats to go with it.

4 Different Halloween House Awards!

Which house in your neighborhood is the most scary? This award is for them!

Which house is most festive?

How about the best decorated porch?

And here’s a blank award that you can make up your own category. Print as many as you’d like and make up multiple categories!

Festive Halloween House Awards-blank

 Family Halloween Service Activity

Giving out Halloween House Awards is a great way to get to know your neighbors around you! Delivering these awards is a great excuse to say hi and introduce yourselves if you don’t already know them!

If you’re too shy to give the Halloween House award in person, doorbell ditch the award on their porch!

–Click Here to Download the Printable Halloween House Awards–

Have fun! May the best house win! 



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