How to Make A Holiday Pillowcase in 15 Minutes Using the Burrito Method

by Mel

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Whether you want to sew a holiday pillowcase or a pillowcase for any other occasion, this simple burrito method is fool-proof (easy enough for a beginner!) This pillowcase tutorial will walk you step-by-step through the process and you’ll have a holiday pillowcase made in 15 minutes!

Pillowcase Tutorial-Burrito Method

Easy Pillowcases You Can Make!

Need a fun holiday gift idea? Or you want to add a little extra festiveness to your home for the holidays? Making a holiday pillowcase is a fun tradition! 

In fact, one of my all-time favorite holiday traditions as a young girl was using a holiday pillowcase around Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. Making and using holiday pillowcases is so simple, but there’s something festive about seeing bright holiday pops of color on your bed each night, reminding you of the season.

I’ve started this Holiday Pillowcase tradition with my own children. They get so excited to pull out holiday pillowcases for each season.

Whether you want to make holiday pillowcases or just a pillowcase for any other occasion, this tutorial will walk you step-by-step through the process. Trust me–If I can do it, sew can you! (Pun, intended.)

Supplies Needed

To make a pillowcase using the burrito method, you’ll need the following supplies: (this will make a standard size pillowcase)

Choosing Fabric

Choosing fabric is the fun part, but not always the easiest since there are so many holiday fabric options out there! I prefer to use basic patterned fabrics for our holiday pillowcases since I like clean, simple lines, but the possibilities are endless when it comes to holiday fabric. Find fabrics that match your home decorating style and you’ll be set.

Tip: make a date out of it! Take your children to the fabric store and let them pick out their favorite fabrics.

Step-by-Step Pillowcase Tutorial Using the Burrito Method

Use this simple step-by-step holiday pillowcase tutorial to create your pillowcases in 15 minutes! And trust me, I am no seamstress, but if I can make pillowcases, so can you!

Just take one step at a time. You’ve got this!

1. Select the fabric you want to use.

For this burrito method tutorial, I used 2 different types of fabric so that the pillowcase will have a different cuff for variety. Choose 2 coordinating fabrics for whatever holiday you will be making your pillowcase for. The photos in this tutorial are using red, white, and blue for my children’s 4th of July pillowcases, but the directions apply to any holiday you want to make pillowcases for.

For a standard-size pillow, here’s the cut sizes: 

For the 2-fabric pillowcase using the burrito method, you’ll need 3/4 yard of one design and 1/4 yard of another fabric to make a standard-size pillowcase. Cotton is a good fabric to use.


2. Wash, dry, and iron the fabric.

It’s always a good idea to pre-wash and dry the fabric so that your pillowcase will not shrink after you make it. That would be so sad!

However, I’ll tell you a secret: Usually I’m too lazy or in too big of a hurry (talk about procrastination) that I forget to pre-wash and dry my fabric. My pillowcases have still fit and turned out just fine. So it’s up to you. You can skip this step or be on your A-game and wash it before you start!

3. Cut the fabric.

Next , you’ll cut the fabric pieces to the following sizes. You can fold the fabric in half before cutting to make it easier if you’d like.

Cuff piece (1/4 yard) = 10″ x 41″

Main Piece (3/4 yard)= 26″ x 41″ 


4. Assemble the pillowcase.

First, unfold the band fabric and lay down patterned side up. Then lay the body fabric patterned-side down on top of the band fabric like this: The long sides should together.

You can pin if you like, but it works just fine without pinning. Just smooth the fabrics out with your hand.

It should look like this: band fabric face up, main piece pattern down: 


Starting at the bottom edge of the long piece, start rolling the fabric up until you get half way to the band fabric. Don’t roll the cuff fabric with it. 

It should look like this:


Once the body fabric is rolled up, take the cuff fabric and fold it over the roll to match up with the edges you lined up earlier, like this: 


Now, pin the fabric in place.

The long edges that you lined up earlier should still be in place. You’ll want to pin all 3 layers together, making sure the rolled part is far away from the pins. Make sure all the layers are lined up straight. If not, undo some pins and line it up and repin it.


Now that your fabric is pinned, it should look like this:  

pillowcase tutorial-burrito-method

Next, sew along the pinned edge with a 1/2″ seam. The bulk of the fabric will be in your lap when you first start sewing.

Be careful to not sew over any pins. Remove them before you reach them as you sew.

5. Now for the Burrito Method magic!

Now that the top seam is sewn, you’re going to reach into the “burrito” and pull out the rolled-up fabric like this:


You’re pillowcase cuff will be sewn together, looking like this:

To keep the cuff nice and crisp, iron the cuff before you move on. 

Finishing Touches

To finish off your holiday pillowcase, you’ll just need to sew the bottom and side seams. Fold the pillowcase in half with printed sides together.

First, pin the long edges together, beginning at the band. And then pin across the short edge at the bottom of the pillowcase.

Beginning at the top band, start sewing. Complete a back stitch to secure the start of your seam. Sew all the way down the long edge until you reach 1/2″ from the bottom. Lift the sewing machine foot, rotate the pillowcase, and finish by sewing the bottom edge.

6. Turn the pillowcase right-side out and iron to make nice, crisp edges.


And that’s it! Easy peasy, right? 

Use this method for any holiday pillowcase! 

halloween- pillowcase- tradition

Save this pillowcase tutorial to reference later!

Pillowcase Tutorial-Burrito Method

Pillowcase-Tutorial-Burrito-Method-Christmas Pillowcases

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