5-Minute 4th of July Festive Fruit Parfaits

by Melissa

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Looking for a festive and simple breakfast for your Fourth of July? You’ll love these red, white, and blueberry fruit parfaits that will only take a few minutes to prepare! A great way to start off your Patriotic celebrations. 


Have I ever told you that the 4th of July is my very favorite holiday? Maybe it’s because my birthday is just a few days before, or maybe it’s because it’s an all-day party (we’re talking children bike parades, water fights, BBQs, fireworks, family time, and maybe a festive photo shoot of my little ones in there, too!). Or maybe because I absolutely LOVE seeing all the red, white, and blue EVERYWHERE.

For those reasons and many more, I tend to go a little overboard with my Fourth of July celebrations. And celebrations start with food, right? We usually love making and decorating Patriotic Flag Waffles (see how simple they are to make here!), but when there isn’t time to do that and hit up the morning parade, a simpler and lighter breakfast turns out just as well.

Simple Fourth of July Fruit Parfaits

Say hello to the easiest, most patriotic breakfast there is!

What You Need for Fourth of July Fruit Parfaits:

  • Vanilla yogurt or your favorite Greek variety
  • blueberries, washed
  • raspberries or strawberries, washed
  • your favorite granola
  • clear cups or bowls (optional, but don’t you want to see that red, white, and blue layered goodness?)



How to Make these festive Fruit Parfaits:

  • These fruit parfaits hardly require a recipe, so let everyone create their own!
  • Layer yogurt, berrries, granola in any order you’d like.
  • Enjoy!

Simple Tips

  • Wash berries the night before so you can make your parfaits quicker.
  • For an on-the-go breakfast (say to eat at the parade!), prepare the parfaits the night before. Use plastic, disposable cups. Layer yogurt at the bottom of the cup and chill overnight. In the mornings, add granola (so it doesn’t go soggy) and then top with berries. Grab a spoon and you’re all set to go!

4th of July Breakfast- Patriotic Fruit Parfaits-

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