Eye Love You | Free Printable Valentine Tags

by Melissa
Eye Love You- Valentine's Day Printables

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Adorable Valentine tags that you can use to make Valentines in a hurry. 

Eye Love You Printable Valentine's Day tags

We’re going to be in Australia for Valentine’s Day this year. But my four year old has been asking every day since Christmas if we can have heart candies for Valentine’s Day. Apparently, Sweethearts made a big impression on him last year! So I picked up a few small boxes that would fit in our suitcases and prepared a little love gift to give them on February 14th.

Since my children are obsessed with anything with googly eyes, I whipped up some “Eye Love You” tags to attach to the candy boxes. These love gifts are so simple, but I can’t wait to see their excited faces.

Eye Love You- Valentine's Day Printables Eye Love You- Valentine's Day Printables Eye Love You- Valentine's Day Printables

Easy Eye Love You Valentine Tags  

  1. Simply print out the tags and cut them to your desired size.
  2. Punch a mini hole at the top of the circle.
  3. Glue a googly eye with clear school glue.
  4. Use bakers twine or washi tape to attach to a box of Sweethearts or your favorite candies.

Download Eye Love You Printable Tags Here 

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