The Love Jar- A Free Valentine’s Day Tradition

by Melissa

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The Love Jar is a free and simple Valentine’s Day tradition that will help everyone feel the love in your family.

The Love Jar- A Simple and Free Valentine's Day Tradition Idea

What is a Love Jar?  

When my husband and I were first married, we started a Love Jar on February 1st. I found a jar at a thrift store and tied some red ribbon around it. Our first Love Jar was nothing fancy, but it quickly became one of our favorite Valentine’s Day traditions.

All month long (14 days to be exact), we worked on filling up our Love Jar with love notes to each other. And then on Valentine’s Day, we cuddled up and read all the nice things that we said about each other.

Now 8.5 years later, we still have a Love Jar that we pull out each February. (And still have a folder of our love notes we have written in years past!)

The Goal of the Love Jar

Your Love Jar can be big or small. All that matters is that you think of reasons you love each other and then write them down! Our little children like to get in on the Love Jar action, too. Since they aren’t old enough to write notes themselves, we help them out. I love hearing what they have to say!

Valentine’s Day Activity

On Valentine’s Day, when your jar is overflowing with love notes, split them up by recipient and read them.  (You can have a different color for each person or just write the recipient’s name on the outside of the note.) I can promise you, everyone will feel the love!


What you need for your own Love Jar: 

  • glass jar or mini mailbox
  • squares of paper (scraps of paper work great!)
  • pens
  • compliments
  • love note tag and string, optional

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Happy Valentine’s Day! 

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