Gift Wrapping Tips For Less Chaos

by Melissa

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Simple and practical Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips to make this holiday task more enjoyable! 

christmas-gift-wrapping-tips-and ideas

1) Set up a Gift Wrap Station

There are a lot of presents to wrap during Christmas, am I right? Last year I was feeling all sorts of stress and headache making a million messes and trying to wrap in between toddlers needing something and a baby crying. And then finally, I set up a gift wrapping station. And it made all the difference!

I gathered all the necessary wrapping supplies: tape, scissors, ribbon, wrapping paper, and cards/tags and put them in ONE place.

This may sound super simple, and it really is, but it was a game changer. When I had a free minute to wrap a gift, I could quickly do it since everything was all right there.

2) Use bins and tins to organize supplies 

Again, this is not rocket science. But, it will make gift wrapping quick! Keep the tape in one tin, scissors in another, and don’t forget the tags! Whether you are using homemade cards and tags, or store-bought, keep them in a box for easy access!

 Christmas- Gift-Wrapping-Tips



3) Start early! 

When possible, get a head start on wrapping presents! Gift wrapping will feel like a chore if you wait until midnight on Christmas Eve. (Trust me, I’ve been known to be wrapping on Christmas morning in previous years! Never again. It takes out all the fun!) A few ideas to keep it fun:

  • When you buy a gift, wrap it the same day and don’t forget a tag
  • Let your kids pick out a roll of wrapping paper that all their gifts will be wrapped in
  • Use gift wrap that you love!
  • Coordinate your gift wrap with the color scheme of your tree and other Christmas decor.


4) Let the kids help! 

Some wrapping of course is left for Santa and parents, but when possible, let kids help!

Wrapping doesn’t have to be a chore. Set aside some time to let the family wrap together. Put on some music and make it a party! I’ve shared some kid-friendly gift wrapping ideas here that will give you some inspiration!


5) Use fun gift wrap supplies you actually like 


My all-time favorite scissors are the Trojka scissors from IKEA. They are cheap and work so well! They seem to stay sharper longer than other scissors I have bought, too. A set of 3 is only about $3. Love love love!


Wrapping Paper 


My favorite places to buy gift wrap is IKEA and Target. They always have a great selection with fun designs and it’s cheap.

I don’t like storing lots of Christmas paper throughout the year, so I try and buy only what I’m going to need. If I run out, I resort to my stash of generic paper on hand that can easily by spruced up with a holiday tag and ribbon.

6) Watch a tutorial!  

Happy gift wrapping, my friends! 


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