5 Things To Do Now To Save Stress At Christmastime

by Melissa

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5 Things You Can Do Now to Make Christmas Less Stressful. 

This time of year seems to fly by! Before we know it, the holidays will be here. Are you ready? I’m not! But I’d like to get there. Here are 5 things I’m working on to reduce stress later on.

1. Stock up on tape, scissors, and gift wrap. 


Stores start putting out Christmas wrapping paper in October. Yes, it’s true. Before you cringe at this little fact, take advantage of it! And by doing so, doesn’t mean that you don’t appreciate Thanksgiving.

Take inventory of what you need.

Do you still have lots of gift wrap from last year? How about tape? Are you running low? Make a list of the gift wrap supplies you usually use and start shopping for them.

Gift Wrap Items to Stock up On:

  • Gift wrap
  • Gift wrap tape
  • Ribbon, baker’s twine, bows
  • Scissors

Tip: if you are one to love making homemade cards and tags, get a head start now!

2. Update your Christmas card list. 

5 Things You Can Do Now To Make Christmas Less Stressful

I’m still old-fashioned and LOVE to send out real Christmas cards. I know for some people, this expense isn’t worth it. But I always love getting Christmas cards in the mail from friends and family and so this is one expense I plan for.

If you plan to send out Christmas cards, finalize your address list now. You can always add more later, but getting updated addresses now will make sending them quicker later.

Tip: To be even more on top of it, go ahead and print out the addresses on label stickers and then you’ll really be ready to go!

What’s the best way to keep track of Christmas Card Addresses?

There are a few ways to compile and keep track of Christmas card addresses. You can collect them by using a Google form or keep a list in Excel.

Tip: Update your list throughout the year whenever you know of an address change.

3. Shop for stocking stuffers. 


Do you have traditional stocking -stuffers you love to give year after year? For us, that’s Lindt chocolate and new toothbrushes. 🙂 Whatever it may be (with exception to fresh oranges and holiday candy), start picking them up now. Shopping early for stocking stuffers will save stress later and will be better on the budget, too!

4. Organize your holiday lists and calendar.

How I Organized My Entire Christmas-2

Get a head start on organizing your Christmas lists, favorite holiday recipes, and gift lists. I talk all about how to do this easily in my online, self-paced course.   Along with all the tips for simplifying your Christmas season, you’ll also receive printable blank calendars, shopping lists, recipe pages and other pages to help you stay organized this Christmas season.

The key to a stress-free season is planning early, my friends!

5. Make a few freezer meals and stock up on paper goods. 


By golly, it’s so easy to just want to pick up a pizza or fast food when we are out and about during the busy holiday season. If you have a few extra hours one day, prepare some freezer meals. We’ve tried a bunch of Thriving Home’s  freezer-to-slow cooker recipes over the last few months. I have to say, I’m a fan! I prepared 6 meals in one hour one Saturday and they’ve been life savers when it’s been a busy day. I can only imagine how nice it will be to have a stash prepared in the freezer for the holiday season.

Tip: Buy a big package of paper plates, cups (hot cocoa friendly), and utensils so you’ll be ready for the busy holiday concert nights or drop-in guests!

What things do you do to keep the Christmas season less stressful? 



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