9 Fun & Spiritual Family Easter Traditions

by Melissa

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Simple & meaningful Easter traditions you can start with your family. From Christ-centered Easter traditions to family fun, this is the best place to find easy Easter ideas. 


Meaningful Family Easter Traditions 

Hey there! You’re here because you’re wanting to create a meaningful and fun Easter, right?

You may be overwhelmed at the thought of coming up with simple and meaningful ways to celebrate Easter with your family. 

Are you tired of searching all over the internet for simple, practical, meaningful, fun, and spiritual Easter activities and traditions? I was, too. 

That’s why I created the Easter Made Easy Kit- The Busy Mom’s Guide To An Intentional Easter. 

It’s full of fun family traditions, easy crafts and family activities, tons of ways to keep Christ in Easter and course, lots of adorable printables!


Here’s just a few of the fun Easter Traditions! 

1. Make Resurrection Rolls

Our children request to make Resurrection Rolls even when it’s not Easter! These simple and delicious rolls are a fun breakfast idea for Easter morning or on a day before Easter.

Each step of making these Easter rolls represents a part of the Easter story and ultimately, Christ’s resurrection.

Get the recipe and discussion prompts for this activity in our Easter Made Easy Kit here. 


2. Celebrate Holy Week

Another great way to celebrate Easter is to celebrate it all week long! Starting the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday), talk about the events that happened on each day of the last week of the Savior’s life. This will make Easter Sunday much more meaningful! 

Celebrating Holy Week can be really easy. Each day, put up the Holy Week sign and review the important events that happened on that day. 


Having the photos and posters displayed throughout the week will help you and your children focus on Christ and all the important events of Holy Week.

Get these Holy Week signs in our Easter Made Easy Kit here. 


3. 12 Eggs of Easter – The Easter Story Using Objects in Eggs 

This fun Christ-Centered Easter Egg hunt contains 12 Easter eggs filled with an object that resembles part of the Easter story. 

You can do this in one setting, or open on egg each day for the 12 days leading up to Easter. 

Get the 12 objects and scripture verse cards in the Easter Made Easy Kit here. 


4. Passover/Last Supper Dinner- on Passover Thursday

On Thursday of Holy week, have a family-friend Passover dinner program.

Just follow this kid-friendly Passover menu with recipes and use these 12 discussion cards to walk you through the Last Supper. It’s easy and will be fun to talk about Christ washing the disciples’ feet, being betrayed and his great atoning sacrifice in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

Get the Last Supper guide, recipes, menu, and discussion cards in the Easter Made Easy Kit here. 


5. Easter Picnic Tradition

For a more casual Easter activity, pack up a picnic and get outside. It doesn’t matter if you go far away, up the canyon, or stay in your backyard.  

Fun Easter picnic foods include: 

  • Jello Eggs- we don’t make Jell-o very often over here, but our children LOVE Jello-eggs. You can get a Jello Egg tutorial right here.
  • Gourmet sandwiches- we sometimes splurge and buy really fun breads like Ciabatta and our favorite gruyere cheese
  • anything in plastic eggs is a hit! We’ll put grapes, crackers, etc in eggs and our children think it’s so fun!


6. Decorate Easter Eggs

Before you get scared to decorate eggs, just remember you don’t have to dye them to decorate them. 

You can make Easter Egg People. 

Use markers to color eggs. Our kids love this! 

Use this quick Easter egg dye to color eggs.  

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Decorating Easter-Eggs-Homemade Dye-6

7. The Easter Bunny Visits On Saturday

This is one of my favorite Easter traditions! A few years ago we asked the Easter Bunny to visit on Friday night, so we could find our Easter baskets on Saturday. This has helped us have lots of fun the day before Easter, but then lets us focus on the spiritual side of Easter on Sunday. The Easter Bunny brings a new book, a few treats or bunny snacks, and maybe a small toy. It’s nothing elaborate, but the kids are still thrilled.

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8. Family Photo Easter Tradition 

Taking an Easter photo is a must! This is our photo from a few years ago. If I’m on my A game, I love coordinating family outfits, but sometimes, I’m happy if I just get us all ready for church in time. 🙂


9. Family Easter Egg Hunt

There are so many fun Easter Egg Hunt ideas out there, but we love doing a color-coded Easter Egg Hunt. Hint: it’s not all about the candy! Get all the details right here! 


10. Watch This Easter Video 

I’m really loving this video that has helped turn my thoughts more to Jesus Christ this week and remind me why Easter is one of my favorites. I lost my mom when I was 15, but I know I’ll see her again because of Him! Hallelujah!

I hope you have the best Easter. XOXO

By the way, our Easter Made Easy Kit is on sale now. In ONE place, you get tons of Easter traditions, recipes, planner, printables, craft ideas, family service project ideas, and more so you don’t have to search the internet for great ideas. (Over 30+ pages of awesome ideas to help you have your best, stress-free Easter!)

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