Cereal Stocking Stuffer Tradition

by Melissa

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A fun stocking stuffer tradition for Christmas

Christmas is just a few days away! Are you all done with shopping or are you one who likes to catch some last minute deals?

Stocking Stuffers are usually the thing I forget to buy early. If you are like me and needing to get a few more little gifts for those stockings, this tradition idea may help you out!

Where this tradition came from:

I heard this cereal stocking stuffer tradition idea from a lady in my neighborhood. Her kids get their favorite box of cold cereal in (or next to if it was too big!) their stocking. How fun is that?

Since we tend to eat oatmeal, smoothies, granola, or Cheerieos for breakfast most mornings, getting to eat a sugar cereal is a real treat around here! My kids would love finding an entire box of their favorite cereal that they get to eat all by themselves!

What cereal would you like to find in your stocking? I would choose Cracklin Oat Bran all the way!

Just 3 more days until Christmas!! Hope you are enjoying this Christmas season.

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