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Here’s Some “Dough” -Cookie Dough New Year’s Gift Idea + Printables



Simplify Your Christmas Season

For the past few years, we have given New Year’s Gifts instead of Christmas gifts. With the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, this was worked well for us. Giving New Year’s Gifts cuts one thing off the Christmas to-do list. Plus, it’s fun to give something that others can use to celebrate New Years after all the other treats have been eaten.

We gave Martinelli’s our first year of doing New Year’s gifts (see them here), but last year we gave frozen cookie dough with a note that said, “Here’s some extra dough for the New Year!” 

We received this gift many years ago in a previous neighborhood, and I loved it so much. I loved being able to save the cookie dough for after the holidays when the treats and goodies were gone. So I designed some simple tags and whipped up the cookie dough and our gifts were nearly complete!

Cookie Dough Gifts!


I made a few batches of our favorite cookie dough, rolled into balls, and froze them for a few hours. Once the cookie dough balls were nice and solid, I packaged them up into zipper bags first (to avoid freezer burn), and then cellophane bags tied with ribbon and tags.

Need a good cookie dough recipe? Here’s our go-to!

Favorite Cookie Dough Recipe

The winner of our chocolate chip cookie recipe contest from a few years ago was Our Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe. It freezes well, too, which makes it perfect for this New Year’s Cookie Dough Gift.

Printable Tags

The instant download tags are available here. They are generic so they will work for any year! Simply add the baking temperature and time and attach it to the cookie dough with some bakers twine or ribbon.


What do you think? Are you all for traditional Christmas neighbor gifts or would you do a New Year’s gift instead?




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