Our 8th Annual Halloween Homemade Doughnut Party

by Melissa

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It’s tradition each Fall to host a spudnut party. What’s a spudnut? It’s a homemade doughnut made with real mashed potatoes. My grandmother Helen made these every year for her family. My mom continued on the tradition with us. And now, my husband and I are 3rd generation spudnuts makers.

We held our annual party this past Saturday. However, this year it was extra special as our focus was on our dear friend, Paul Moore and his young family. Paul learned in August that he will have just a few months left to live due to a fight with terminal kidney cancer.

My own mother passed away from cancer when I was 15, so this situation hits home for me. When a child has cancer, there are many foundations and resources to help the family emotionally and financially. However, with adults, it’s a different story.  The Paul Moore foundation has been set up to help not only Paul Moore’s family, but other families affected by terminal cancer. We invite you to check out The Paul Moore foundation and help if you can!

We accepted donations this year for our spudnuts and were blown away by the generosity of others. 100% was able to go to Paul’s family. That surely was the highlight for us!

Here’s a few more photos from the party….

My husband rolled out 333 spudnuts single-handedly. That is dedication!




It was a warm evening so we were able to have the party outside! It was a good thing because I don’t think we could have fit everyone inside. Tiki torches and patio lights made for a fun ambiance.



It’s always too crazy trying to get the spudnuts all fried and glazed to get any photos of the actual party. Bummer! Every time I kept trying to take one, I needed to restock the spudnuts or napkins or show someone where the bathroom was. That’s what happens when you’re the host I guess!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this party a success. We could not have done it without help!

Until next year…

Get our homemade spudnut recipe here. 

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