First Day of School Backpack Surprise

by Melissa

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It’s official, my boys just hopped on the bus and are off to their first day of school.  I wanted to share a little something I added to their backpacks to make it more special and ease their nerves a bit as they head out into a new year.  It’s nothing much and you can pick it all up at the dollar store, so here we go…

hand sanitizer – tissues – tic tacs – family photos with a love note


I printed off a couple recent family photos in wallet size and laminated them so they’re nice and sturdy.  I typed up a little note saying that we love them in the same size and stuck them all on a little key ring.  Most backpacks have a key-chain inside so just clip it right on and you’re good to go.


If they’re feeling nervous, or missing home, a quick peek in their backpack will bring the reassurance to make it through the rest of the day!



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