5 Tips for Hosting A Homemade Pizza Party

by Melissa

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Hosting a homemade pizza party? Here’s 5 tips to make it simpler and more fun for everyone! 



Okay, so you’re going to have a pizza party! I’m so excited to share our best tips and tricks to help you make your party a smashing success. 

We hosted a big extended family party with over 20 people and this is what we did to make it manageable! And to keep it simple. 

The best part is this is one party theme that doesn’t require you to have all the cooking done before your guests arrive! 

1. Plan your menu.

The first step is to decide what kind of pizzas you want to make. Do you want to have tons of toppings or keep the options limited? Knowing what you are going to make will help you make your shopping list and/or divide out topping assignments to your guests. 

So Festive Tip: Look at your favorite pizzeria menus online for ideas! 



2. Gather helpful supplies 

Your pizza will turn out so much better if you have the right pizza party supplies. 

Make sure you have parchment paper to prepare your pizzas on. 

Using a pizza peel will make transferring your pizzas in and out of the oven super easy. I can’t tell you home many times we’ve dropped pizzas before.  You can do it without, but it’s much harder! 

An inexpensive pizza stone will make the pizzas bake evenly and give it a nice brick oven taste. 

And make sure you have a pizza cutter or two to slice all the yummy pizzas you’ll be making. 



3. Post all the pizza options 

Make it easy for your party guests to know how to combine toppings by sharing some ideas for different pizza topping combinations. 

If you have a giant chalkboard, use it! You could also use butcher paper, a white board, or smaller menu cards. 

And forgive me for spelling Pizzerie wrong. I was in a hurry and didn’t notice until after the party started! Oops!


4. Make prep quick and easy 

Depending on the size of your crowd, you may want to forgo homemade pizza crust (as much as we love this homemade crust, when it comes to partying, simplifying is key!) 

Inexpensive Pizza Crust Options 

  • Check your local grocery store for premade pizza dough. If you have a Winco or Trader Joe’s nearby, they offer yummy dough in the refrigerator section. 


Pre-cut the toppings 

  • Prepare the toppings in advance (like the day before or morning of) to avoid last minute stress. 

Line the counter with butcher paper

  • Line the counter and table with butcher paper to make the clean-up super quick! 

Easy pizza sauce ideas 

5. Make thin crust pizzas 

Plan to make thin crust pizzas. This will make your pizzas bake super fast! 

Simply roll out the dough onto a piece of parchment paper. Then let your guests decorate them with their choice of toppings. 

Set your oven to 450 degrees F and bake the pizzas for about 5 minutes each. 



Now you’re ready to host your own homemade pizza night! Tell me which kind you’ll make in the comments below! 


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