Mother’s Day Card For Mom’s +Grandma’s

by Melissa

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Today I’m here to share a fun and easy Mother’s Day Card idea.  My boys helped me put these together last year and they were a hit, so your mom’s and grandma’s are sure to love them too.

What you need:

mother's-day-card– Flower shaped baking cups (found at Walmart or any craft store)

– Scissors

– Glue

– Black and white pictures of your kids sized to fit in the baking cups

– Green paper

– White card-stock with the words “Happy Mother’s Day” printed on it

How to:

mother's-day-cardFree hand some grass and as many flower stems as kids you have.


mother's-day-cardGlue the pictures in the baking cups and the stems to your paper card.


mother's-day-cardGlue the picture flowers to the tops of each stem and you are done!


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