Decorating Easter Eggs // Egg People

by Melissa

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Want a new way to decorate Easter Eggs this year? Make Egg People! Last Easter, my sister had an Easter Egg decorating contest at our Easter dinner. We were all supposed to bring a creatively decorated Easter egg. Leave it to me to wait until the last minute. I literally came up with these Egg people in like 10 minutes. But they were a hit!

I had so much fun making Easter Egg people  it that we might just have to do it again this year.


What you need: 

  • plastic eggs
  • googly eyes
  • pom poms, pipe cleaners, and any other random craft supplies you have in your stash
  • hot glue gun or tacky glue
  • cardstock circles to attach the egg people to so they stand up

How to: 

Using a hot glue gun, attach the eyes and embellishments to the Easter eggs. If your are involving kids in this project, you may opt for a tacky glue or make sure to use the hot glue gun for them.

Get creative! The possibilities are endless. An egg gymnast? Why  not?!


And the nerd! The glasses just kill me!


Make some of your own Easter Egg people and share your photos! I’d love to see what you come up with.

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