12 Eggs of Easter | A Christ-Centered Easter Tradition

by Melissa
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The 12 Eggs of Easter is a fun Christ-Centered Easter tradition that will teach children all about the Easter Story. 


A Christ-Centered Easter Tradition

A few years ago, I realized that I wanted to do a little more to make our Easter celebrations more Christ-Centered. Don’t get me wrong. We love our 6 favorite Simple Easter Traditions. 

But, Easter means so much more when we dedicate  more of our time to celebrate the real reason for the holiday. After all, because of Easter, we have a perfect plan of happiness and can live with our family members again after we die.

We love spending one night before Easter talking about the symbols of Easter or some years, we do one each night for 12 Days of Easter.

Other Christ-Centered Easter Ideas 

12 Eggs of Easter 

The 12 Eggs of Easter will talk you and your family through the important events of Christ’s last week on Earth. Each egg will contain an object that represents the scripture verses read for each day.

Symbols of Easter Story- 12 Eggs of Easter-5

What you need for the 12 Eggs of Easter:

  • 12 plastic Easter eggs
  • 12 objects listed below (feel free to modify any)
  • a basket to put all the eggs in
  • 12 Eggs of Easter Cards with all the scriptures and text for each day. 



You’ll Need These 12 Objects For Each Egg:  

  1. small cracker
  2. 3 dimes (30 cents)
  3. knotted twine
  4. chunk of soap
  5. thorn
  6. nail and toothpick
  7. dice
  8. rocks and dirt
  9. piece of white cloth
  10. stone
  11. bay leaf or other herbs/spices
  12. nothing; empty

Printable Eggs + Cards

To make this Easter activity SUPER easy to do, I’ve created these adorable 12 Eggs of Easter printable cards & symbols list.  Each card has the scripture verse that coordinates with each object. 



For example:

Egg 1 -The Sacrament Symbolizes Christ’s Sacrifice

And He went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, “Oh my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless, not as I will, but as thou wilt.”  Matthew 26:39

This is what the 12 Eggs of Easter printables look like: 

You’ll notice the scripture verses are printed on the back of each colorful egg for easy reading! You can laminate them to make sure they last year after year.

You also get a quick list of Easter symbols and scriptures for easy reference you can print on a regular sheet of paper.

And the second color option:


  • You can do this activity as the 12 Days of Easter or all at once. Hide them for an egg hunt and then talk about each object.

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