32 Simple Creative Date Night Ideas You’ll Love

by Melissa

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Make dates exciting again with these creative date night ideas! These fun ideas will prove that you don’t need to spend a fortune or go somewhere fancy to have fun together.  

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Get excited! It’s date night…but not just any date night. 

Make your spouse look forward to a date by planning one of these unique dates. 

And for bonus points, give them a handwritten invitation to the date. 

1| Europe-themed date night

Travel to Europe…without packing bags or buying a plane ticket. Visit 4 countries and do a fun activity in each one.  Here’s all the details.  This was actually one of the date night box ideas we exchanged at a date night box gift Valentine’s exchange


2| Watch a movie from your childhood

Have a blast from the past by watching one of these classic movies from the good old days. 

3| Go to a farmer’s market

Find a local farmer’s market and go check it out. Taste the samples and pick out a new fruit or veggie to try. 

4| Make your own movie

Become a youtube star by making your own movie. Pick a theme, some music and have fun. 

5| Rent electric scooters and play tourist in your town

Scooters are so popular right now. Rent some nearby and take a tour of your town. 

6| Make homemade ice cream in a can 

This creative date night idea gives you a chance to talk and then indulge in a delicious treat together. 


7| Have a movie marathon 

Pick a movie series and watch them all together. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Back To The Future, Bourne are all great options. 

8| Play a card game 

There are lots of really fun 2-player card games you can play. This date night idea is one of the easiest since you don’t have to prepare anything. 

9| Take a hike 

Put on your hiking shoes and go explore a new trail.

10| Take a dance class together

It’s never too late to learn how to dance like the pros. 

11| Go bowling

Winner gets to sleep in. 

12| Play spin the bottle

Because why not? 

13| Set up the tent inside or in the backyard

Have a private campout. 

14| Plan your dream vacation together 

Spare no expense. Research and plan your dream vacation. Where will you go? 

15| Have spa night 

Pull out the bath bombs, tea lights, bubble bath and romantic music for a spa night together. Mud masks are fun, too! 

16| Go to a workout class together

Couples who sweat together stay together. Is that how the saying goes? 

17 | Go to an indoor climbing gym

Rock climbing together will literally make you work together. 

18| Do a root beer taste test 

Find out which kind is your favorite! 


19| Cook a fancy dinner together 

Grab the ingredients of a fancy recipe and cook it together. 

20| Go out to breakfast 

Save money by going out to breakfast. 

21| Test drive your dream car

There’s nothing wrong with test driving your dream car.

22| Watch the sunrise or sunset

Talk about romantic. 

23| Go berry or apple picking

You picked each other, so why not go pick something together? 

24| Take a drive to see the leaves

Fall in love with each other again as you drive to see the Fall leaves.

25| Visit a public garden 

Chances are there is a beautiful public garden nearby you’ve never been to. 

25| Feed ducks

Channel your inner childhood and feed the ducks. 

26| Do your own book club

Choose a book you want to read and read it together.

27| Stargaze

Snuggle up and gaze…gazing at the stars optional. This is one of those simple date night ideas that gets overlooked. 

28| Drink lemonade on the porch or patio

Just like the olden days. Sit on the porch and drink some lemonade. 

29| Volunteer

Find a soup kitchen or nursing home to volunteer at together. 

30| Go to a thrift store and find a new outfit for each other

Pick a new outfit for each other. Money can’t buy happiness, but this date idea will make you laugh. 

31| Make mini s’mores anywhere

Here’s how. 


32| Have country themed date nights

Choose a country. Learn about it. Google pictures of that country. Order some authentic food or make your own. Learn how to say I Love You in that country’s language. 

Now tell me, what are your favorite creative date ideas? 


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