5 Simple Family Valentine’s Day Tradition Ideas

by Melissa

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5 simple family Valentine’s Day traditions you can start this year!


Easy Family Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers! My parents made Valentine’s Day a family celebration for us growing up and we’ve continued on that way of celebrating in our own family.

If you’re looking for some easy Valentine’s Day traditions you can start with your own family to make it special for everyone, keep reading!

1. The Love Jar Tradition

 The Love Jar Tradition  is easily one of our family’s favorite Valentine’s Day traditions. My husband and I started this when we were first married and have kept doing it because its SIMPLE, FREE, and IT HELPS US FEEL THE LOVE!

You can get all the details of how to create your own LOVE JAR right here.


2. Decorate Heart Sugar Cookies & Deliver Them!

Decorating Valentine’s day cookies should definitely be on your list!


1. Decorating cookies is a fun family activity

2. You get to share the love by delivering some to those who could use some love.

Really, how could you not just smile seeing a plate of festive heart cookies on your porch?

Really Good Sugar Cookie Recipe

Use our favorite GO-TO sugar cookie recipe to whip up these festive cookies. And guess what?

You can make these cookies well in advance and freeze them until you are ready to frost and decorate!


3. Do a Valentine’s Day Countdown: 14 Days of Love

Along with the Love Jar I mentioned above, our favorite family tradition is doing 14 Days of Love!

Starting February 1st, we pick one simple way to show love to our family members, a neighbor, or stranger.

You can see our list of simple ways to show love right here, or make up your own!

Grab the guide + printables here! 


4. Give a Surprise Love Gift!

My parents made Valentine’s Day so special for us. And while this may not seem like a big deal when your children are younger, I can tell you that I appreciated my parents making Valentine’s Day really special when I was teenager SO MUCH!

Think about it: Those teenage years are so challenging as it is. And then Valentine’s Day rolls around and if you don’t have a secret admirer or boyfriend/girlfriend, well, Valentine’s Day can be a hard day.


I knew I could always count on going home and feeling LOVE from my parents on February 14th.

I would find a flower on the kitchen table from my dad or a love gift on my pillow from my  mom. These simple gifts and notes made me feel love!

Simple Love Gift Ideas

You can start this own tradition with your family by leaving a small gift on your family member’s plate at breakfast dinner. You could leave a little treat, accessory, small toy or even just a love note.


5. Take Pictures With Your Loves!

If you love dressing up your children in fun clothes for the day, make sure to snap some photos.

Tip: Get in the photo!

It’s so easy as moms to be behind the camera ALL THE TIME, but set up your phone with your timer or get out the tripod for your DSLR and get a few photos together.


valentine's -day -photo-idea

The Benefits of Creating Valentine’s Day Traditions

There are so many other ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family. Just remember, it doesn’t matter so much as to WHAT you do, but that you do something to create love in your home!

Have fun celebrating!

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