French Beignets- A Christmas Morning Tradition

by Melissa

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Do you have a traditional Christmas morning breakfast? It’s tradition in our house to make beignets on Christmas morning.


Where this tradition came from:

When I was a little girl, my parents went on a trip to New Orleans. While they were there, they visited Cafe du Monde, a french cafe famous for beignets. They fell in love with them there and brought a box of beignet mix home for all of us to try. All 7 of us kids fell in love with them also.

My parents decided each year, they would order a box of beignet mix and serve them for a special Christmas brunch. Hands down, we all looked forward to eating warm beignets, scrambled eggs, oranges, and bacon on Christmas morning after all of our presents were open.

Where to Get Beignets:

You can purchase a box of Beignet mix from World Market for $3.99 or online from Cafe Du Monde.

How to Make Beignets:

This tutorial I wrote a few years ago will show you how easy it is to make beignets.

What is your favorite Christmas morning breakfast?

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