Cherish the Day: A November Challenge

by Melissa
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Happy  November!

Can I tell you a few thoughts I’ve had lately? I’m constantly thinking about what I want this blog to be. Yes, it’s a place to collect and share simple ways to celebrate holidays, but I want it to be much more. I want it to have meaning. Yet, I don’t want it to consume my thoughts or take away from my family. And finding that happy medium has been challenging!

Just as I contemplate quitting, I get a nice comment or gentle reminder from one of you that reminds me why I started this blog in the first place.

I started this blog to honor my mom who celebrated life. Sure she loved making festive crafts or food, but it was the spirit of celebration that she was known for. And that spirit was contagious. She wanted to share festiveness with everyone, especially those who needed some extra cheer.

This past month, I received an email from a lady named Leslie. She told me that her and her husband had been “boo-ed” and had since passed it on. They got a kick out of  seeing the Phantom spread throughout their neighborhood. These kinds words– “Thanks again for a wonderful website and sharing the love of joy, friendship and relationships with great celebration ideas” meant a lot.

I hope as I move forward with this blog that you, too, can find it to be a place of inspiration. I never want So Festive to be a place that creates feelings of inadequacy, comparison, or doubt that you aren’t doing “enough.”  Life is hard enough! Just because I find celebrations fun, I hope I haven’t given off the impression that you have to do all festive things to be a good person.  There is a time and season for everything and my general rule is that if something isn’t fun, I shouldn’t do it. I hope that you’ll take what you like and use these ideas when and how it’s right for you.

Okay, thanks for listening.

With Thanksgiving approaching, I want to refocus this month and just be more grateful. I came across this quote that I love:


Don’t worry, I’ve got some fun and festive ideas to share, but my focus this month is to Cherish the Day. Because after all, life is short and precious. And it would be a shame to not enjoy each day to the fullest.

Want to join in?

Take the #SFCherishtheday Challenge: 

Each day this month, I’m going to find a reason to cherish the day. I’ll be sharing them over @sofestiveblog. Feel free to follow along and if you’d like to participate, tag @sofestiveblog with #sfcherishtheday.

Thanks for reading and Happy November!



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