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Tricks-or-Treats? A Really Simple & Fun Halloween Game & Printable


This”Tricks or Treats” Halloween Game  is a simple, but fun game for family parties, class parties, or just for a night of laughs!  All ages will love it. 


Halloween is such a fun time of the year, but it can also be busy with costume preps, class parties, family parties, etc. You can make a copy of this Trick or Treat Halloween Game to keep in your Halloween stash for whenever you need a quick game that doesn’t take a lot of time to prepare.

Once you make it, you can use it year after year.


I was inspired by My Heart & Home’s version.  However, I’ve adapted it to create our own version with different “tricks”. I also wanted the cards small enough to fit in these cute cloth bags I found at the Target dollar spot.

Imagine all the fun you’ll have playing and watching everyone do their tricks. If you are lucky, you might pull out “treat” card. That’s what I always hope for anyway!

This game is simple, but it can be a great way to create laughter and fun family memories.

Trick or Treat Game Preparation: 

  1. Print out the Trick or Treat Game cards found in my free Holiday Resource library. If you don’t have access yet, you can get immediate access here. It’s FREE!!  
  2. Once printed, cut each card.
  3. Laminate the game cards if you plan to use them again. I don’t like to make things twice and since I have little ones, laminating was a must! (I invested in this inexpensive home laminator a few years ago and have been so happy with it. It’s one of those purchases that I’ve totally got my money’s worth.)
  4. After you laminate each card, cut them out again.
  5. You can put the cards in mini jack-o-lantern, bowl, or mini cloth drawstring bag. I found my orange and striped ones at Target. Sure love that dollar spot!


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To Play the Game:

  1. With your game cards in one bag (or bowl) and your favorite small treats in another, you are ready to play.
  2. Each person takes a turn by pulling out a card. If it says “Trick”, the person has to do to that trick. If it says “Treat”, the person gets to pick a treat from the bowl.
  3. Repeat until all the game cards are used or everyone has had a turn.
  4. Have fun and make a memory!

There you have it! A simple and fun Halloween game.

Planning a Halloween Party? Save this idea for later!

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What favorite Halloween games do you have? Please tell!

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