Play-Doh Characters For National Play-Doh Day

by Andrea
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Play-Doh fun for little ones–including play dough recipes and printable mats!


In honor of National Play-Doh Day on September 18, I’m here to share with you a cheap, easy option for some serious play dough fun.  While browsing the Walmart craft section a few months back I spied some little plastic body parts that were intended to make pom-pom people, but I got to thinking they’d be way more fun with play dough and you could use them over and over again.

DSC07153-001I was right, they were a hit!  Even my one year old loves them and although his creations are a little less conventional it keeps him busy and happy which is the whole point, right!?




Go snag yourself a set today and celebrate National Play-Doh Day with your little ones!  Or heck, play with it yourself!

Play Dough Recipes

If you’d like to try making play dough, check out this post for our review of all the recipes we’ve tried:

“All Things Play Dough”


Also, we’ve created 20 free printable play-dough mats for you to use over and over again. There are play dough mats for holidays and every day use.

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