5 Simple Family Traditions You Can Start Now!

by Melissa

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Starting and keeping family traditions are a great way to strengthen family relationships and create wonderful memories in the process.

Here are 5 of our favorite family traditions to help spark some ideas as you create your own!

1. Pizza Fridays


We love pizza. And we love Fridays. So nearly every Friday, we have pizza for dinner. Most of the time we make it using our favorite wheat pizza crust and homemade pizza sauce. But on special occasions, we’ll pick up a cheap pizza and go to the park. Or to be simple, we’ll make tortilla pizzas or english muffin pizzas. This is one of our favorite ways to unwind from the week and hang out together as a family.

Tip: use paper plates so no one has to clean up! 

2. Celebrate a family event.  


While we are talking about pizza, I’ll tell you about another one of our favorites. My husband proposed to me in NYC on May 27th. Just after he popped the question on Bow Bridge in Central Park, we found this darling pizza restaurant called Serafina and ate our first meal as an engaged couple. We’d love to be able to fly back each spring to NYC, but since we can’t, we have our own “Serafina” night every May 27th. We eat pizza and watch Enchanted.

Tip:  Plan to celebrate an important anniversary in your family.

3. Weekly Family Lessons and Activities


Families that play together stay together. Along with a spiritual-themed evening that we hold on Sunday (also called Family Home Evenings), we make sure to do one fun activity weekly together. The activities are as simple as going to a park, going on a bike ride, or playing a game. Or sometimes we’ll plan a bigger outing for the weekend. We’ve learned that getting out and having fun together makes the biggest difference in our week.

Tip: Plan one fun family activity this week into your schedule! 

4. Yearly Family Vacation


Some of my favorite memories from my childhood include the trips we would take in our 15-passenger van. We didn’t always have a lot of money to do elaborate vacations, but my parents always made sure to take us somewhere. I think our family is so close partly because of all the time we spent together playing road-trip games, fighting over the best spots to sit, and eating treats. To this day, our favorite spot to be together as a family is Marsh Lake in the Uintahs.

But whether it’s camping or not, taking a family trip and getting away from the stress of day-to-day life is something we look forward to every year.

Tip: start planning a getaway with your family! It can be months or a year away–just start looking at your calendar for when you can escape for a few days. 

5. Family Dinner


We are far from perfect, but we’ve really tried to make family dinner a special time. We have made a rule that we can’t use our phones at the table. And I try really hard to have a home cooked meal, even if that means macaroni and cheese with peas.

This year, we’ve incorporated simple celebrations into our meal-plan. Because if we can celebrate even something small, it makes for an exciting evening together. (And makes it a whole lot more fun to cook!) We’ve celebrated Cinco de Mayo by wearing sombreros and eating tacos or having a green dinner for St. Patrick’s day.

Tip: Look at your schedule and plan a few nights this week to have family dinner together! Light a few candles to make it special! 



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