#SavorSummer DIY Wild Flower Crowns

by Melissa

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Last week we spent a some time up in the high Uintahs. It was gorgeous to say the least. Wild flowers were in full bloom and between the rainstorms, we had some fun making some floral crowns.  Because who says camping can’t be pretty?

The inspiration came from the floral crowns on Bright Bold and Beautiful, as part of the Martha Stewart #SavorSummer series.

There are lots of options for floral crowns these days, but we opted for a simple look.

First, we walked through the fields in search of the perfect wild flowers.

wild flower floral crown

I especially loved the yellow and purple wild flowers.

wild flowers

Then we selected which flowers to use. All were beautiful, but we wanted a simple look. So we went with the small white flowers. We cut off the stems so that the flowers were about 3-4 inches in length.


Instead of using the common crown method, we used a tiara-style braid as the base of our crown, with the flowers as the embellishment.

Didn’t it turn out adorable?


*This DIY project was inspired by the floral crowns on Bright Bold and Beautiful – part of the Martha Stewart #SavorSummer series. 


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