Make a DIY Birthday Plate in 10 Minutes

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Create your own festive birthday plate  for just a few dollars and in 10 minutes or less! This is such a fun birthday tradition that everyone will love year after year! 

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The Birthday Plate- A Simple Birthday Tradition

Birthdays are the best time to make the birthday person feel extra special. After all, it’s the only day that they can be spoiled completely. However, that doesn’t mean that birthday celebrations have to be over-the-top, elaborate, or super expensive!

That’s why we’re all about these 7 Simple Birthday Traditions.

And one of the easiest ways to make the birthday boy or girl feel special is by having them eat on a birthday plate!

I always love setting out the birthday plate on the table, hanging up our birthday banner,  and blowing up a few balloons the night before a birthday. That way, when the birthday person (child or adult) wakes up, a happy and festive tone is already set for the day!

Whether you make their favorite birthday breakfast (ours is this Overnight Breakfast Bundt) or pick up donuts from the store, eating on the birthday plate will help them feel extra special!

Birthday Plate

Don’t Have Time To Make A Birthday Plate?

If you don’t have the time or energy to make a DIY birthday plate, I think this birthday plate from Amazon is super cute and great for boys or girls!

DIY Birthday Plate Tutorial

Supplies you need:

Just remember: you can use any birthday tissue paper you like! Because these plates are so cheap and quick to make, you could make a few different options or use them for gifts!


Step 1

Figure out what portion of the Happy Birthday tissue paper you would like showing on your plate. You can cut down the tissue paper to a few inches larger than the plate, or just use the full sheet.


Step 2

Lay your plate upside down onto a large can or bowl. Cover the underside (the top side now) with a generous coat of mod podge.


Step 3

Lay the tissue paper face down onto the plate. Be extra careful because it won’t be easy to peel off mistakes.  Gently smooth out the paper, being careful to not rip the paper. Let dry for about 10 minutes.


Step 4

After about 10 minutes, cut around the edge of the plate to remove the extra tissue paper. You will notice that some of the glue has not quite dried all the way. It’s okay. It will eventually dry.


Step 5

Cover the bottom side with an extra layer of mod podge to seal it off. Let dry completely before use. And you’re done! Super easy, right?


How to Clean Your DIY Birthday Plate:

Because we use tissue paper, you’re probably wondering how to clean your birthday plate.

To clean your DIY Birthday Plate:

  • Carefully use a damp rag to wipe the top of the plate off. The entire plate should not be submersed in water. Mod Podge + water= no gooda.
  • Don’t submerse in water or put plate in microwave or dishwasher.

Don’t let this stop you from making a plate! We have had our birthday plate for over 5 years now and the plate is still in great shape.  And guess what? The bottom has gotten wet a few times and it’s still holding up strong!

So what are you waiting for? Go make all the birthday plates and get ready to party!!


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