A First Day of Summer Tradition

by Mel

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Celebrate the first day of summer with this cool tradition everyone will love! 


When is the first day of summer? 

The first official day of summer is on June 21!  Whether it falls on a weekend or weeknight, I’ve got a fun and simple tradition for you! 

Especially if you love food and want the easiest dinner ever! 

Ice Cream For Dinner!  

My friend shared with me her family’s tradition of eating ice cream for dinner on the first day of summer! 

We have started that tradition with our family and we all love it! 

It’s the easiest dinner of the year and no one complains! 

We do put out some veggies and fruit and bread to go with it, but our children are allowed to eat just ice cream if they want! 


Simple Ways to Celebrate  

You can keep your ice cream dinner super simple with just ice cream in a bowl or cones. 

Or you could host an ice cream sundae shindig with friends. Here’s a fun tutorial and ideas for that! 

Ice Cream Sundae Party Ideas-19

Happy First Day of Summer! I hope ice cream makes it on the dinner menu! 

Ice Cream Dinner Inspiration

How to throw an Ice Cream Sundae Party 

Practically the cutest ice cream cups here

I really want to make this Mango ice cream

Next year, I’ll go all out like this party

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Liv June 21, 2014 - 2:28 pm

We had ice cream TWICE yesterday. I’m counting that as our summer kick-off!


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