Father’s Day Breakfast Ideas

by Melissa

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How to have a simple and fun Father’s Day breakfast for the #1 dad in your life! 

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Father’s Day Breakfast Recipes

What do you do when it’s midnight the night before Father’s Day and all the grand plans you had aren’t a possibility?  I don’t know about you, but Father’s Day always seems to creep up on me before I can ever get around to executing my plans. In some ways, I’m sure it’s okay because my husband would probably care less about fancy decorations or elaborate gifts.

But, I still wanted to make it special. So I went to my party box and pulled out a few things I could round up: balloons, some Father’s Day printables from a few years ago, some patterned paper, a striped gift box,  and straws.


I wanted it all set up so that when he came down to breakfast on Sunday morning, it would surprise him.  It was simple and I threw it all together while the muffins were baking. (If I was a really good wife, I would have made them warm, from scratch in the morning.)  But instead, it was from a box and ya know what? It was just okay.

Sometimes even simple celebrating can make a huge statement. He was super surprised to come down to the breakfast table and find a little party waiting for him. It was a great start to our day.

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