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The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


I know you’re going to LOVE these easy and delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars, along with 500,000+ others who have pinned this recipe. I’ve had a lot of questions regarding this recipe, so be sure to check out the FAQ at the end of this post, photo instructions + recipes for a few other crowd favorites, too! 

And now…on to what you really came for– the Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars | Make 2 dozen cookies in 30 minutes.

And yes, I mean the best. I don’t usually claim something to be the “best”, but in this case I will.  Just look at these chocolate chip cookie bars.


No Need For Individual Cookies

I originally posted this Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe for May 15th–National Chocolate Chip Day. Did you know such a holiday existed? It’s true. A day dedicated to chocolate chips calls for a delicious way to celebrate.

But, if you don’t have time for individual chocolate chip cookies, then this recipe is just for you.

However, don’t be fooled. This recipe is one you’ll want to keep up your sleeve all year long. It’s great for baby and bridal showers, family gatherings, Sunday night treats, or when you need a quick dessert to take to someone.


So What’s So Great About These?

I have never been a huge fan of chocolate chip cookie bars, until my aunt Sherol gave me her recipe. Oh, my Aunt Sherol! I wish everyone could meet her. She has a heart of gold and always puts a million stickers on the envelopes when she sends us mail.

Anyway, ever since she shared this amazing chocolate chip cookie bars recipe, I’ve been hooked.

  • These cookie bars have a delicious flavor
  • The consistency is perfect-not too soft, not too hard, just right.
  • They look pretty perfect when you cut them up.
  • The bars can be made in advance and stored for a day or two.
  • All of the ingredients are standard, basic ingredients you’ll have on hand in your pantry.

Like I mentioned before…

I use this easy and quick recipe when I need a treat in a hurry. Need a treat to take to someone? Or a last minute party dessert? I promise you, you will not be disappointed!

You can have a few dozen cookies made in about 30 minutes! 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar Recipe | A quick + tasty treat that everyone will love and you can make in 30 minutes

How to Make the Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

1. You’ll cream the butter and sugars for a few minutes until you get a mixture that looks like this. Make sure it’s light and fluffy.  

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

2. Then add in the flour and dry ingredients and give it a good mix. Your dough should now look like this: 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


3. Stir in the chocolate chips. And guess what? I never measure the chocolate chips. I just pour straight from the bag until the ratio looks right.

This dough only takes about 5-7 minutes to make! Super fast and easy. 

4. You’ll want to spray your 9×13 pan with your favorite spray. I use this 9×13 pan that I got off Amazon. I love that it bakes the cookie bars evenly and love it that it comes with a lid! 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

5. Firmly press your dough into the pan so that the dough is evenly distributed. Sprinkle a few more chocolate chips for good measure. 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

6. Bake at 350 degrees F for 20-25 minutes. *See the FAQ for more details about this temperature and time! 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

This recipe will make 24 (2 dozen) good-sized cookie bars. You can cut them smaller to make bite-sized portions that are cute for baby showers or gatherings. 

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

Ways to Serve Them

Eat the cookie bars straight from the pan. Or try serving them warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. Store the rest for your party or gathering. Just pop the 9×13 pan lid on top and you’re set to go!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars


What if the dough is too crumbly?

I have had a lot of readers telling me their dough is too crumbly. I have never had this problem. But, if you do, you can add an extra egg or reduce the flour. I live at high altitude, so if you are at a lower elevation, you may need to adjust how much flour you use.

What kind of pan should I use?  

I always bake my cookie bars in this aluminum baking pan .  I have tried a few other pans, but without question, they always turn out better in this pan. A great pan makes all the difference! If you don’t have a pan like this, be sure to use a metal one. A glass pan will make the cookie bars turn out soggy. If soggy cookies are your thing, go for it. But I prefer the firm, crisp edges that my aluminum pan give these cookie bars. After all, I want them to turn out like cookies. And I’m betting you do, too. Investing a great baking pan (for only around$15) is well worth it. I’ve had mine for 12 years now. 12 years! And the pan is still holding up strong.

Do yourself a favor and invest a good pan. You’re chocolate chip cookie bars will thank you.

Can I double the recipe?

Yes, of course! This recipe doubles well. If you do double the recipe, make sure you use a large enough mixing bowl to hold all the ingredients.

If you plan to double the recipe, you’ll want to use a large baking sheet. This is the baking sheet I got off Amazon that I always use for a double batch.

Tip: plan to bake the double batch about 5 extra minutes than the normal recipe.

What kind of Chocolate Chips do you use?

I always have a big bag of Kirkland Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips or Nestle on hand because they are affordable, but good quality. If I really want to splurge, I’ll buy Ghiradelli when they are on sale. Get creative and try an assortment of milk and semi-sweet chocolate. Or butterscotch and milk chocolate. Another really yummy combination is chocolate chips and toffee bits. Really, the sky is the limit!

Tip: You can keep extra chocolate chips in the freezer and pull them out when you’re ready to use. No need to thaw!

How long should I bake my cookies?

I’ve had the best turnout baking these chocolate chip cookie bars for about 25 minutes. I live at high altitude, so you may need to adjust the timing just a bit. A lot of readers have left comments below, so you could read what others say. Mostly, just watch for the bars to be golden brown in color. It won’t hurt if you overbake them a few minutes. It’s all up to your preference.

Give It As a Gift!

This recipe is loved by hundreds of thousands of people, so why not give this as a gift? This recipe paired with the perfect cookie bar pan would be so fun for:

  • a bridal shower
  • a housewarming gift
  • a Christmas gift
  • a Favorite Things party (because these are quickly going to be your favorite thing. )


Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars Recipe

I’d love to see your amazing kitchen skills at work! Tag your chocolate chip cookie bars on Instagram with @sofestive and #celebratesimpler! Can’t wait to see them!

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

This is the best way to whip out a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies in a jiffy. This recipe will quickly become a go-to when you need to feed a crowd in a hurry.


  • 1 cup butter or margarine, at room temperature
  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup white sugar
  • 2 tsp. vanilla
  • 2 eggs
  • 3 cups flour
  • 3/4 tsp. salt
  • 3/4 tsp. baking soda
  • 1 cup chocolate chips (or more if desired)


  1. Cream butter, sugars, and vanilla together. Add in eggs.
  2. Stir in flour, salt and baking soda until combined.
  3. Gently fold in chocolate chips and nuts if desired.
  4. Spread on greased 9x13 pan. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes, or until lightly golden brown on top.



Melissa loves simply celebrating life through holidays, travel, photography, and the simple moments at home. Her best friend Brandon and her are raising their 4 adorable little ones just north of Salt Lake City, UT. Sunshine, gelato, a good run, planning a trip, and an organized house make her really happy. She loves sharing simple ideas to inspire everyone to celebrate life. Simply.

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  1. Ashlee May 26, 2014

    Mmmmm these look great!

  2. Sara August 19, 2014

    I found the dough to be too crumbly. I had to add some water to this recipe. They’re in the oven now and I am hoping for the best.

  3. Amanda October 28, 2014

    I made these a few weeks back while hosting friends and they all absolutely loved them! Thank you! 🙂 (found you through Pinterest!)

  4. Tiffany November 10, 2014

    I made these tonight for a party. I Followed the directions and yes the dough is a little dry but I crossed my fingers and threw them in the oven. They were DELICIOUS and very MOIST coming out of the oven. Thanks for the delicious recipe!

  5. Rachael November 26, 2014

    At first, I also found the dough to be dry and crumbly but rather than adding water I added an extra small egg. It really made a difference and they came out great!! Quick and easy to make.

  6. Elizabeth December 11, 2014

    Not sure what happened to mine.. followed the directions exactly. My batter looked a little runny and I cooked it for almost an hour and it kept getting brown but still wasn’t done at all… :/

    1. Beverly Gonzalez August 8, 2016

      Manufacturers are putting a lot of water in margarine these days. Use butter or spend a little more and get a name brand margarine like imperial or blue bonnet. Make sure it is regular margarine and not light. The batter will be runny if you use light. Try this recipe again I think you’ll like it.

      1. Mel August 12, 2016

        I’ve also tried both butter and margarine and butter always turns out better.

  7. mrs domo December 19, 2014

    Do you ise semi sweet, milk, or dark chocolate chips?

  8. Tricia January 22, 2015

    Made these tonight …cut down on chocolate chips and added butterscotch chips and walnuts. So GOOD!!

  9. Tina January 25, 2015

    Made these and loved them. People were saying dough was crumbly and some said runny. Well I made them and they were the perfect consistency. I followed the instructions to the t and they were perfect. I will make them over and over again.

  10. Just made these! I loved them, check out my post here… http://www.goddessofbaking.com/2015/03/03/chocolate-chip-cookie-bars/

  11. Rachel October 26, 2015

    These are ON POINT! The dry/crumbly dough comments, I don’t understand. Mine wasn’t at all, and I followed the recipe exactly. I’m wondering if they used a full cup of butter? Anyway, this has been stashed in my recipe book and will be made again and again! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Mel June 16, 2016

      I’m so glad you loved them!

  12. Matea November 9, 2015

    Cookie bars are the best! Love, love, LOVE it!

  13. Megan Murphy December 20, 2015

    These cookie bars are absolutely amazing!! I have never had problems with the dough being too crumbly, so just make sure you stick exactly to the recipe and it will be perfect. These are my go-to baked goods! My friends and family make me bake these all of the time… they are obsessed! The only thing I change is sometimes I add more chocolate chips since I have a love for chocolate. Otherwise, PERFECT and so so DELICIOUS

  14. Barbarainnc April 11, 2016

    Some scoop their flour and level off. This packs the flour. I was taught to spoon the flour in the cup and level off. Now I weigh it out. Better results.

    3 cups flour is 15 oz.

    1. Mel June 16, 2016

      Thanks for the clarification!

  15. Tina H. May 3, 2016

    Just made these and they’re delicious!! I followed the recipe perfectly (except for my addition of cinnamon and nutmeg), and the dough consistency was perfect. But – they weren’t fully baked at the 20 minute mark. I needed to add another 6 minutes. I will be making these again!

    1. Mel June 15, 2016

      I’m so happy they turned out for you! Our ovens may be difffernt, hence the additional time.

  16. Sara May 16, 2016

    not sure what I did wrong, but these didn’t work out for me. It made a ton of dough, which made the bars very thick. Therefore, the middle didn’t get done before the outside burnt.

    1. Mel June 16, 2016

      I’m sorry to hear this, Sara! Are you at low altitude?

  17. Cindy Guerrieri June 8, 2016

    These chocolate chip cookie bars are amazing!!! My family made me promise to make sure I make them exactly the same way as this time!!
    Perfect, and so quick and easy too!!

  18. Brynn August 9, 2016

    Followed the directions exactly and they turned out perfectly! Cooked them a bit longer and possibly at a lower temp…I use an antique oven so I never know the exact temp. These will be my go-to bar pan recipe. For those that said they turned out crumbly, maybe they packed their flour too much? I can’t see how these could be messed up, they are so easy!

    1. Mel August 12, 2016

      I’m so glad they turned out for you! They are our go-to bar as well because they are easy and everyone loves them. Have a great day!

  19. Emma August 30, 2016

    Where is the recipe???

    1. Mel August 30, 2016

      I apologize. My site was undergoing some maintenance, but I will email you directly the recipe! Thanks for your patience!

  20. Mary December 17, 2016

    Does the butter need to be room temperature?

    1. Mel December 21, 2016

      Yes, the butter should be a room temperature! I’ll update the recipe! Thanks!

  21. Karin February 5, 2017

    I just made these & they’re delicious! I started making them, thinking I had a bag of chocolate chips on hand. Well, I didn’t and did not feel like running to the store. Consequently, I added Heath toffee chips. and white chocolate chips– yum! Will make these again with semi-sweet chocolate chips! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

    1. Mel February 6, 2017

      Heath and white chocolate is a great idea! I’ll have to try that! I’m so glad you liked them!

      1. Anne February 20, 2017

        Is it best to use salted or unsalted butter?

        Thank you kindly.

        1. Mel February 21, 2017

          Unsalted is better, since the recipe calls for salt. If you use salted, you may want to reduce the salt used. Does that make sense?

  22. Um Talal March 17, 2017

    I just made them today they really turned out perfect and delish… definitely going to make these again…thank you for sharing this recipe…love from Bahrain??❤

    1. Mel June 7, 2017

      I’ m so glad you loved them!

  23. Ariana March 31, 2017

    Can I cut this recipe in half and use an 8×8 inch pan?

    1. Mel March 31, 2017


  24. melanie May 30, 2017

    how many bars does this make?

    1. Mel May 30, 2017


  25. Rafiq June 20, 2017

    Made one using a square aluminum cake mold, turns out great! I was able to make a perfect 500g of cookie bar/cake on 350F for 20 minutes. Question: If I want to make 1kg using the same cake mold, should I maintain the same temperature and minutes or increase? Please advice.

    1. Mel June 21, 2017

      Yes, keep the same temperature. You may need a few extra minutes, maybe 25 minutes? Check after 22.

  26. Yvette July 19, 2017

    If I live in a lower altitude how much flour would you recommend using ?

    1. Melissa Sunday July 24, 2017

      Good question! I’m not exactly sure. Try 1/2 cup less. If you try it, let us know!

  27. Kathy September 5, 2017

    Followed recipe exactly as written. Bars came out very crumbly. Next time I will try to add extra egg and decrease flour.
    Thanks for the tips!

    1. Melissa Sunday September 7, 2017

      So sorry to hear this! What altitude do you live at? It may be that!

  28. Lucy Donohue September 24, 2017

    The cookies were sooo good. I’m going to make them for all my friends, they will love them! thanks so much

  29. Lucy Donohue September 24, 2017

    just want to let you know, that is probably the best dessert i have ever tasted, i can’t say anything more they were too good, thanks so much again

    1. Melissa Sunday September 27, 2017

      Thanks Lucy for your sweet commment! I’m so glad you LOVED them!

  30. Rommy January 7, 2018

    I used this recipe two weeks before Christmas for my son’s school treats. I followed the recipe, and added Christmas sprinkles on top. They came out perfect after baking 30 min. They were so simple and delicious I made six more batches throughout the holidays. Recently I noticed a bag of Oreo chips at my grocery store’s clearance rack. I was curious about using them, and immediately thought of these bars. They came out great. I love the texture of the bar itself, it can really take on any additions, doesn’ tjust have to be chocolate chips.

    1. Melissa Sunday January 8, 2018

      I’m so glad you loved them! They are a perfect, go-to treat, right? I’ve never tried oreo chips before, I’ll have to add that next time.

  31. Rommy January 7, 2018

    I would love to add oats and walnuts, is there an amount you would recommend? Or do you have a separate recipe?

    1. Melissa Sunday January 8, 2018

      Hmmm… I don’t have a specific amount, although now I’m curious to try it out. I’ll have to repost when I do. I’d say, reduce the amount of flour by the amount of oats you want to add as a starting place. For nuts, maybe 1/2-1 cup? Depends on how many nuts you want in there! Leave another comment if you try it out!

  32. Lucy February 11, 2018

    I was looking for a recipe for a chocolate chip bar, to make to say thank you to some people, had everything, they sounded good, made them, and my husband got a Lil jealous when he wasn’t really getting any and they turned out so good! They were Wonderful , I left hubby 4 bars, now I need to make him his own batch! Everyone loved them! Thanks now following you!

    1. Melissa Sunday February 12, 2018

      so GLAD you loved them!! 🙂

  33. Lisa February 26, 2018

    Need to feed a big crowd so will be making two or three double recipes! When you double the recipe for a 17×12 pan, how long do you bake it?

    1. Melissa Sunday March 5, 2018

      I would add at least 3 extra minutes! It depends on your oven. Just keep watching until it’s light brown. You won’t want to burn them!

  34. Lourdes April 20, 2018

    Hello! These are GREAT! But I have a problem and I’ve done them 2 times, I have a industrial oven like the ones in bakeries, sometimes temperature may vary, and sometimes i bake recipes in 300, i tried with both temperatures 300 and 350 like the recipe says, both times they don’t rise like yours in the picture, they rise but when I take them out of the oven to cool of on the cooling rack they sink, and become very thin, I want them to be thick exactly like yours, what do you think is the problem here? Some tips please! Maybe the pan? I baked them in 9×13 maybe it’s to big?! Try them in 9×9? Or the baking soda, I don’t have the 3/4 tsp measurement, but I looked it up and it says that 3/4 tsp is 1/4 tsp 3 times! Let me know please! Thanks! 🙂

    1. Melissa Sunday April 25, 2018

      im sorry to hear they havent worked out for you! i use a 9×13. perhaps you need to add more flour? im at high altitude, so maybe thats why! and yes, 3/4 tsp is 1/4 three times.

      1. Lourdes April 26, 2018

        Oh yes that might be! I will try adding more flour! How much extra flour do you think I should add?! And of course keeping the chewy and soft goey consistency (but thick bars), not cakey or dry! I’m making them again tomorrow, so let me know please! Thank you so much! 🙂

        1. Melissa Sunday April 26, 2018

          i would just add 1/4 cup extra at a time, until the dough is thick but soft. you don’t want it too dense.

          1. Lourdes April 27, 2018

            Perfect! Thanks so much for your help! I will make them again adding the flour and will give you an update of the results! Still love them they are so delicious! 🙂

          2. Lourdes May 24, 2018

            The temperature should be that exact one 350 for 20 minutes?!

  35. Laura Sisco June 2, 2018

    These cookie bars were awesome. They came out soft in the middle and chewy around the edges. I cooked them 20 minutes . My Husband is a very picky eater and he loves them. I will make these again. I love how fast and easy they are to make and that they are not very sweet.
    Thank you for The Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Bar recipe.

    1. Melissa Sunday June 4, 2018

      so glad you loved them!!

  36. Jeannie July 14, 2018

    I’ve made this recipe-tis my favorite! Great vanilla flavor and consistency. This recipe is a keeper.


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