Easy Party Planning: “V” is for Venue

by Melissa

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Let’s talk Venue today, shall we? Even though we are just now getting to Venue in our A to Z Party Planning Series, Venue is one of the first elements of your party you’ll want to decide on. Your party Venue is another fancy word for location. Where will your party be located? Once you know your Venue, you’ll be able to figure out the best decorations, food, guests, etc.

Types of Venues 

  • Backyard
  • Park
  • Reception Center
  • Your House
  • Church
  • Formal Dining Room
  • Town Halls
  • Club Houses
  • Park Bowery
  • Canyon Picnic Spot

venue-locationWhen planning your Venue, keep this in mind:

1. Schedule your Venue well in advance.

Of course, if your Venue is your house, you probably won’t have a hard time booking it (unless your husband or roommates plan to have a giant party the same night). Reception centers, town halls, and boweries all tend to fill up fast. The sooner you know when your party will be, book your Venue to ensure a peace of mind that you have your first choice of location.

Some Venues will not be available for booking. On those cases, do your best to arrive early to secure your preferred spot (in the park, per se).

2. Choose a Venue that will match the type of party you are having. 

This may seem like a no-brainer, but giving just a little thought to the perfect Venue will make the party more enjoyables. Kids party Venues are best outside where there is lots of space to run around (and to keep the clean-up minimal). If you are hosting a Garden Party Shower, you won’t want your Venue to be the neighborhood park bowery where lots of kids and dogs are running around.

party-location3. Choose a Venue that is accessible to all of you party guests. 

When I was planning my wedding reception for example, I knew that I would want my grandpa to be there. However, he had a hard time walking and would likely be getting around in a wheelchair. In choosing our reception location, we made sure it was wheelchair accessible. You wouldn’t want guests to not be able to come due to inaccessibility.

party-venue4. Make sure your Venue is available for the particular season and weather appropriate. 

You might have in your mind that a bonfire up the canyon will be the perfect party. However, there may still be snow up the canyon or what if it rains? You could still have a bonfire, but why not do it in your backyard? Or, you may need to wait until summer to have this type of party.

If your Venue is the party (like in this case the bonfire party), make sure the Venue is available for the season you are hoping to have your party in.

5. Select a Venue that will accommodate your crowd. 

Are you inviting 5 guests or 500? You’ll want to choose a Venue that will fit all of your guests. The amount of guests you invite will greatly narrow down what options you have for your Venue. For smaller gatherings, a backyard or family room might work. But depending on the space you have, you might need a larger venue.party-venue


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Emily May 12, 2014 - 7:00 pm

I love using the backyard, or even just the front room of the house! Its free and you can do some pretty awesome stuff with it!


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