Rainbow Party Ideas

by Melissa

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Throw a rainbow-themed party with all these fun, colorful details!

Rainbow party Ideas- Color Party

Rainbow Party Ideas

Throwing a Rainbow Party? Here’s tons of fun rainbow party ideas to help you plan a fun and colorful party to remember!

Before we get into all the details, I wanted to tell you how we used these rainbow ideas.

Keep reading for rainbow food ideas, decorations, invitations, favors, and activities! 

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Rainbow Parties Are Not Just For Kids

My husband and I wanted to host a party with some of our couple friends, so we threw a Colors Party! It was in the middle of winter, so it was a great excuse to bring color into the otherwise bleak months.

I had wanted to throw a Rainbow party for so long, and I’m glad we did. It was a blast!

Rainbow party ideas_

First, the Invitations

Going along with our Color theme, I designed these Invitations for our party. They were simple, but contained all the important details: date, time, place, what to bring, and special instructions. If you’d like to have your own color party, you can download editable invitations here.

I really wanted to hype up the party, so I made the invitations extra festive by making some confetti and jazzing up the envelope with some washi tape. It’s the little things that make it more exciting.



You can keep decorations very simple by adding a colorful balloon banner near the dining table. The red wall is not required (it just happened to be this color when we moved in, but it long gone now.)

To create:

Blow up some balloons, attach them to a piece of string and hang them from the wall using washi tape, secured with a small pin or removable Command hook.



Tip: Sprinkle Skittles on the table for an extra burst of color!


The favors doubled as the place settings. Love when that happens! I found printable geometric boxes , stuffed them with Skittles and used a letter magnet to mark each place at the table.




You’ll also notice those striped napkins made a fun statement to each setting.

Rainbow Dinner Menu 

Hawaiian Haystacks seemed like the perfect meal to serve at a rainbow/color party. I made a from-scratch sauce recipe, but your favorite recipe would work too.

Serve it with rice and all the colored toppings.

Rainbow Toppings:

  • red tomatoes
  • green onions
  • purple onions
  • yellow pineapple
  • orange mandarin oranges
  • blue coconut  (Yes, the coconut was a stretch, but blue had to be represented!)

Rainbow party ideas_-2


Rainbow Jello

Rainbow Jello is the perfect side-dish for your party! Here’s the easy recipe! 

Rainbow -Jello -Recipe-and Tutorial-13 layered Jello Recipe

Rainbow Jello

For dessert:

Have each guest bring a snack or dessert in the color they wear! If you don’t have your guest dress up, have them bring a Rainbow treat or a monochrome snack.

Party Games & Activities 

Eating our Rainbow dinner and catching up with friends was the main entertainment

But we also played a few rounds of True Colors. Ever played that game? It’s such a fun get-to-know-friends-better game.

We also took photos of all of us decked out in our colored costumes using this DIY Photobooth. I just took scraps of fabric and tied them to string. Simple and quick and free!


And that was our Color Party! See how you can take any theme idea and create an entire party out of it?

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