10 Easy Earth Day Activities For Kids

by Melissa

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Celebrate Earth Day with these fun kid-friendly activities, crafts, treats and more!


When is Earth Day?

Earth Day is celebrated around the world on April 22nd.  Starting back in 1970, it’s a day to celebrate our magnificent Earth!

Here’s some easy ideas to help you make this holiday fun for kids! 

As with all celebrations, don’t feel overwhelmed! Just pick one or two ideas to celebrate! 

Trash Bingo Scavenger Hunt

Make picking up trash more fun with this Trash Bingo game! See how many items you can find. And give a reward for blackout! 

Doing service for Mother Earth will help everyone try a little harder to keep our planet clean. 


Earth Day Bingo (1)

Earth Day Quiz

Start the day off by asking your kids how much they know about our Earth. Here’s a free printable to make it easy for you! This will give you a great chance to have a discussion about what they can do, no matter their age, to help conserve energy and take care of our planet. 




Eat Dirt 

The yummy kind! What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by eating dirt? This recipe is so easy and kids will love helping out! Get the easy mud cup recipe here.


Scavenger Hunt

Take a scavenger hunt! These  Earth Day Scavenger Hunt Sheets are perfect for little ones. Go on a walk and see if you can find them all! Take a bag to collect your Earth day treasures.

Earth- Day -Scavenger -Hunt-Printable

“Explore” Earth at Dinner

Use a globe as your centerpiece at dinner. Talk about some of the amazing places you’ve seen on this Earth and find some new ones on the globe that you’d love to go to! You could also pull out pictures of the places you’ve been or explore on Google Earth.


Complete the Earth Day Bucket List

Isn’t this Bucket List just perfect? Instead of recreating the wheel, get your printable bucket  list over at Chickabug.com


Edible Flower Bouquets

Flowers you can eat? Yes! Try these edible flower bouquets that little kids can help make! 


Earth Day Walk, Hike, or Bike 

Fresh air does wonders for the soul. Get outside and do something you love. Whether you take a walk, or go on a hike or bike ride, you’ll fall in love with Earth each time you do. Plus, you’ll save some pollution! 

Fun Challenge: See how much you can walk today. Keep track of your steps or miles!  


Bird Feeder Craft 

Watch nature in action! Make this simple bird feeder and enjoy the birds from your own backyard. The best part about this bird feeder is that you probably have all the supplies at home! 

Get all the details of this kid-friendly bird feeder here. 


Explore Redwood National Park

If you live in northern California area or will be in that area, make sure to visit the Redwood National Park. Here’s 6 stops you must visit while you are there. You will be in awe at the majesty and beauty in that region!

How will you celebrate? Leave a comment below so we can add your ideas to the list!

Earth-Day-Activities and Printables


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